Mastering Vocabulary [Standard E-book]

  • 5th - 12th Grades
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Mastering Vocabulary helps teachers show middle school students that words are made up of different parts. Students learn the meaning of new words to improve test scores, increase existing vocabulary, and enhance reading comprehension.

This book allows students to apply learned techniques on activities that include:

  • Building word trees
  • Matching roots and affixes to their definitions
  • Defining real and fabricated words

ISBN: 9781420626377


I LOVE this book!

Reviewed By: Mrs. B (AL)
I have taught Greek and Latin roots using this book for the last thirteen years, and in that time I have used it with 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. I have worn out several paper copies, and finally purchased the enhanced e-book! I LOVE this book!

Where other books teach roots one or two at a time and emphasize memorization of related vocabulary words, this book has units that average ten parts per unit, and focuses on learning root meanings and applying them to unknown words. To me this is the best strategy for teaching students to decode words with the roots.

To begin with, I give them the 4-unit overview, and they have to generate a list of words they already know that have those parts.

Then, we study one unit every other week. I enhance the directions, however, and make my students actually work for it. On what would be matching a word to its definition section (for older students, many of them are known words), I instruct students to box all known words parts from all studied units. Then they have to write the word part meanings to the right, and THEN they match to the definition. I want them to see how the word part meanings translate into the dictionary definition.

For the bottom part on most units, students are given words to define. I prohibit them from using dictionaries. Again, they have to box the known word parts, write the word part meanings, and then they have to create a cohesive definition solely on word part knowledge.

In the past, I have used the quizzes to go with each unit, but over the years have developed my own using the given information. We quiz in three parts: (1) Students identify word part meanings, (2) Students are given definitions and have to choose from a list of words, (3) Students are given fabricated words which include word parts from all known units, and they have to create a cohesive definition.

This book is meant to be a tool for teaching. It doesn't teach itself.

Reviewed: 09/27/2017

Absolutley useless

Reviewed By: Logan Smith (Atlanta)
My students learn nothing from this, DO NOT BUY!!!

Reviewed: 02/01/2017

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