Main Idea Grade 2 [Standard E-book]

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Both teachers and parents appreciate how effectively this series helps students master skills in reading, mathematics, penmanship, writing, and grammar. Each book provides activities that are great for independent work in class, homework assignments, or extra practice to get ahead. Test practice pages are included!

ISBN: 9781420643350



Reviewed By: Laura
I want to apologize for the prior review. As it turns son's teacher has NOT been following the answer key provided! She has been guessing what the answers should be and guessing WRONG! When I ask her about it - she defends her answers and tells me my son's answer is wrong - when in fact (after getting access to key provided in the book) he is right and she is wrong. So I am sorry. When I wrote the review I believed that the answers to these questions were ridiculous and made no sense. now I know it was not Scholastic's fault.

Reviewed: 03/06/2013

I wish there was a NO STAR choice!

Reviewed By: Laura (ny)
My son (2nd Grade) keeps bringing home worksheets from this book. The passages are easy to read but the mutiple choice answers are obscure and confusing! My husband and I can't even get them right let alone our son! I've even posted some samples on facebook for my friends to read and inevitably they always pick the same answers we did - which are always WRONG!!! If adults can't get it right - how the heck can a second grader?

This is garbage. This is why our educations sytem is in the toilet. Teach kids something that will help them in life. not junk like this that even adults can't figure out.

Reviewed: 03/05/2013

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