Digging Up Sight Words Game

  • Kindergarten - 2nd Grades
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  • Standards Correlations
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Children learn over 260 sight words as they read aloud and make decisions. Each player draws a sentence card and chooses a sight word to complete the sentence. With a correct answer, the player collects the number of bones indicated on the card and moves ahead. The player who ends up with the most bones wins! For 2-4 players.

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Not a well thought out game

Reviewed By: Jill (Portland, OR)
Although my daughter does enjoy this game it is badly done and I would not have bought it if I had seen it first. There doesn't seem to be any reason behind the one, two or three points awarded; a missed opportunity for different levels of difficulty. It comes with 50 cards yet the directions say to distribute 60 (15 to each of four players). Not all word choices are actual sight words. Some of the sentences have difficult words to read. The awarding of bones is random and correlates to nothing, to have it be the same number as spaces moved is redundant. It could have been a great game with just a little more thought.

Reviewed: 06/16/2016

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