Corrugated Metal Awning

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Give your classroom a glamorous makeover with this Corrugated Metal Awning. Mix and match your favorite patterns and colors to create the perfect themed classroom. Hang these sturdy awnings over your bulletin boards and entryways, organize work areas, or make fun learning corners. Approx. 24" W x 12½" H x 8" D.

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Not what I expected.

Reviewed By: JRob (Californis)

Reviewed: 09/20/2018

Turned out cute with my modifications

Reviewed By: Christy W. (Alabama)
I want to love this product because it really is cute. But it had so many problems. First of all, it's only 24 inches wide. There are no doorways or windows that one of these will fit, forcing the user to purchase more than one. I have a wall with 3 windows in my classroom. I wanted to use the awnings with the rest of my Home Sweet Classroom theme. I eventually cut one of the 4 awnings I ordered into 3rds to piece them all together. Also, the method included for hanging is awful. I had to make an additional purchase of some double sided mounting strips to hang the awnings in my windows. So...they turned out looking cute, but it took a lot of time, effort, and extra expense on my part to make them work.

Reviewed: 08/25/2018

I will use this again.

Reviewed By: Michelle Bennie (Bells ISD)
Excellent quality

Reviewed: 08/23/2018

Frustrated by the size

Reviewed By: Mrs. Reed (Alabama)
One would think that if this product was designed by teachers, it would fit a classroom door. I never thought to measure, but it is nearly a foot short in length. Sigh. Super cute and easy to put together, but where can I use it?!

Reviewed: 07/28/2018


Reviewed By: Lions rule (Pennsylvania)
This is super cute, but there were three different spots that were ripped along the curved pieces.

Reviewed: 07/22/2018

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