50 Plus School Fonts

  • Preschool - 8th Grades
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Over 50 practical and fun fonts on one CD!

Use either traditional or modern fonts to teach print and cursive handwriting. A simple keystroke creates blank lines with height guidelines for an endless supply of handwriting worksheets! Use the fun fonts to create signs, bulletin boards, newsletters, and announcements. Compatible with Windows and Macintosh.

Download the sample page for examples of the fonts included in this title.


Older version of this product much better

Reviewed By: Laura (Roseburg, OR)
I use to own an older version of this product and the fonts seemed to be more versatile and very creative. I really don't like this recent version and am sorry I purchased it.

Reviewed: 06/04/2015

50 fonts I couldn't use.

Reviewed By: Frustrated
I was so disappointed in this item. The letters in the "traditional" handwriting are too sloppy to use for teaching anything. The (b) looks like (l, e), the (z) looks like nothing I have ever seen, the (s) starts up in the air, the (j) has a loop on the line before the tail is even written ... That is all I remember. I teach dyslexic and disgraphic children. They have a hard enough time in school without giving them sub standard worksheets.

If you are looking for a variety of fonts to make posters from perhaps you would like this CD. I didn't see anything that I could use for any reason.

I purchase a lot of supplies from Teacher Created Resources and they have always been of very good quality. This one item, being not to my liking, will not stop me from ordering again.

Reviewed: 07/23/2013

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