Zapped! (Non-Verbal Communication Game)

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Language Arts

Grade 5- 8


Students learn about non-verbal communication.


This is a game for any age group. The point of the game is to communicate without speaking.
Teacher Instructions: Prepare squares of folded paper, one for each participant. Place a dot on one of the squares; leave the other squares blank. Cut out the squares and then fold each of them so that no one can see the dot. Place the squares in a container and have each participant draw one. The person who draws the dot is the zapper. He or she should tell no one.
Rules of the Game

  1. Each player--including the zapper--receives a form (page 87). The object is to, without speaking, get a different person to sign each line of the form. (Players may allow someone to sign more than one line if everyone else has signed and there are still blank lines left.)
  2. The zapper must attempt to zap people by winking at an individual without drawing the attention of the other players. If he winks at everyone before he is discovered, he wins the game.
  3. When someone is winked at, they are out of the game. They may no longer try to complete their form. Also, they may not reveal the identity of the zapper to those still in the game.
  4. The game may also be won by contestants who complete the form before everyone is zapped. Just announce you are the winner when the form is completed. Do not speak until that point!
  5. Another way to win the game is to announce correctly who the zapper is. This cannot be done when he has zapped you. You must observe him zapping someone else. If you proclaim someone the zapper and are incorrect, you are out of the game.
  6. Anyone who speaks for any reason other than those previously mentioned is disqualified from the game.


  • squares of folded paper
  • Zapped activity sheet (page 87)
  • pencils

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