You Are the Puppet Master

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Language Arts, Writing, Writing Process, Oral Language, Speaking

Grade 5- 8


The student will create a scrap puppet for use in a skit/play/show.
The student will incorporate outside ideas/suggestions with his/her own ideas.
The student will collect and organize information from a Web site.
The student will evaluate a personal performance in order to find improvements.
The student will apply professional techniques to an amateur production.


Puppetry is an age-old and much adored form of communication and entertainment that enjoys an active following to this day. Creating puppets and making them come alive through skits and stories is a great way for your students to experience language development. In this hunt your learners will be encouraged to study suggestions and ideas from other puppet makers in order to construct a scrap puppet of their own. Additionally, your students will study and collect professional puppetry strategies and tips that they will use to create a quality puppet show of their very own.
Activity One: Create A Puppet
Key Question: Do I need special equipment and materials to make a puppet?
Have students go to the Stagehands' Puppets Web site and click on the Scrap Puppets button to learn more about making scrap puppets. There is a scrap puppets link that will take them to a whole list of ideas sent in by other kids and puppeteers. They can use the activity page to help organize their ideas so that they can make the best scrap puppets ever!
Activity Two: Puppeteering Like a Pro!
Key Question: What techniques do real puppeteers use to make a good show?
Students can use the tips section of the Stagehand Puppets Web site to fill out the activity page. They should write down at least three tips in each section.


  • copies of activity pages
  • Internet access

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