Using Onomatopoeia

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Language Arts, Reading, Vocabulary, Oral Language, Listening

Grade 5- 8


Students will learn about onomatopoeia or words that sound like the objects or actions which they are describing.


1. Define onomatopoeia for students.
2. Distribute the What's That Sound? work sheet. Review the directions on the work sheet and complete the first part of the work sheet with the students. Help students notice that the sounds that animals make are examples of onomatopoeia.
3. Continue pointing out examples of onomatopoeia by completing the second section of the work sheet, writing sounds that specific objects make.
4. To complete the work sheet, assist students in generating sounds that would be heard if they were involved in the actions listed in the third section of the work sheet.
5.Hand out the Onomatopeic Words work sheets to students to use as a reference for poetry writing.


  • What's That Sound? (page 29) activity page
  • Onomatopoeic Words (page 30) activity page
  • 2998--Meeting Writing Standards: Poetry Writing

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