Newspaper Scavenger Hunts

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Language Arts, Reading, Reading Comprehension

Grade 5- 8


Students use the newspaper to find specific information.


This is an enjoyable activity that can be incorporated into the classroom curriculum or used as Friday afternoon lessons. Before you begin, have students bring in newspapers from home. If students are unable to bring in newspapers, you can contact your local newspaper. Many publishers have specific programs for schools where copies of newspapers can be purchased at a reduced rate. Find an empty counter space and stack them in specific sections. For example, in one pile put sports, in another pile put want ads, etc.
Scavenger Hunts are random ten-item lists. No two students will have the same answers on their sheets upon completion of this activity.
You might wish to divide the class into groups. Have each group go to the newspaper counter and take a section from each pile. Give the groups a copy of the Scavenger Hunt work sheet to put their answers on. Each group will also need scissors and glue. Students may use any section of the newspaper to find possible solutions. Allow students to use maps or other reference materials as needed.
You will have to judge whether or not students find appropriate responses. Have students justify their answers if there are doubts. For example, if the list item says "Something that you eat for lunch," and a group of students glues the word "egg" on their answer sheet, you might respond by telling them that an egg is a breakfast food. If one student tells you that he or she had an egg salad for lunch, the group should be given credit for their response. Interactions like these are not uncommon. Allow students to use words or pictures from the newspaper, especially when the list item is followed by "word" or "picture."


  • newspapers
  • Scavenger Hunt instructional sheet (one hunt per student or group)
  • Scavenger Hunt work sheet (one per student or group)
  • scissors
  • glue

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