By Jove, I Think You've Got It

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Language Arts, Writing, Writing Process, Oral Language, Listening

Grade 5- 8


A light bulb is used creatively to highlight student writing.


  1. As a class, brainstorm a list of problems involving the environment (for example, the hole in the ozone layer, deforestation of the rain forests, poaching of endangered species, etc.).
  2. Hold a class vote to select the problem the students most wish to write about. Write the chosen problem on the board.
  3. In small groups, allow the students to brainstorm for solutions to the problem. Each group should think of at least three solutions.
  4. Individually, each student will write a problem and solution essay, using the problem the class chose and one of the three or more solutions the small group suggested.
  5. After each student has written a first draft, have them return to their small groups for responses to their writing. Each report should be attached to a separate sheet of paper; and, as the report is passed to each person of the group, that person will write comments and suggestions on the attached paper. The group's work will be finished when every report has been read and responded to by every member of the group.
  6. Each student should edit and revise the report, keeping the group's responses in mind.
  7. Distribute page 89 to each student. Tell the students to use this form for the final drafts of their reports. (Each student may need more than one copy.) The students should cut around the forms.
  8. Cut out the patterns on pages 90 and 91. Attach them together to make a light bulb. Display the light bulb on a bulletin board. Then stack the students reports to make the socket part of the bulb. Staple them together across the top and attach them in place to the bulb. On the light bulb, write the original problem from the board.


  • one or more copies of By Jove Template (page 89) for each student
  • By Jove Light Bulb Pattern (pages 90 and 91)
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • writing paper
  • pens or pencils

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