Game: Name that Country!

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Social Studies, Geography

Grade 5- 8


Students will practice and reinforce knowledge of world capitals



  1. Print the game card pages on colored card stock. Laminate the pages and cut the cards apart.
  2. Trim the rules and answer key boxes. Mount on card stock of same color as used for game card. Laminate them.
This game is for two to three players and one scorekeeper. Paper and pencil are needed for keeping score. Players sit so that all may see the card. Scorekeeper sits opposite the players and holds the answer key.
  1. Scorekeeper shuffles the cards and places them face down.
  2. Scorekeeper turns first card up and places it in front of players.
  3. If a player knows the country in which the city is found, quietly place a hand over the card and say its name.
  4. Scorekeeper checks the answer key and scores as follows:
    • Correct answer: Win 2 points. Card goes to discard pile.
    • Incorrect answer: Lose 2 points. Card goes to bottom of pile.
  5. The winner is the player who ends up with the most points when all the games are used.


  • card stock of any color to print game card pages (see the link below) and to mount rules and answer key
  • laminating materials

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