Life in Ancient Greece

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Social Studies, Ancient History

Grade 5- 8


Students get a "feel" for what it was like to live in ancient Greece.


For this activity, you will need to access Web Sites about life in Ancient Greece. Links to these sites can be found at the following URL :
Click on page 77, sites 1, 2
Teaching the Lesson:

  1. The importance of ancient Greece to the development of modern civilization is well-documented. However, less emphasis has been placed on the everyday life of Ancient Greek citizens. One of the best ways of finding out about a culture is to read about their mythology and other fruits of their imagination. Have students log on to the excellent sites above and explore the topic of their choice:

  2. The Place of the Home Marriage and Death
    The Role of Women Games and Festivals
    Clothing and Dress Work and Slavery
    Jewelry and Decoration Greek Mythology

  3. Have students record their findings under the appropriate category on Activity Sheet G-1: Everyday Life in Ancient Greece and Activity Sheet G-2: Women in Ancient Greece.
Extended Activities:
In spite of the fact that the Ancient Greeks and Romans were often at war with their neighbors, somehow they still found time to pursue artistic endeavors. The Romans made beautiful mosaics on the floors and walls of their homes while the Greeks made exquisite pottery and sculptures.
  1. Students can use keywords to search for the various types of Greek pottery until they find one design that could be used to make their own pottery.
  2. Have students investigate Greek sculpture and Greek gods to find a piece of sculpture they can reproduce. Write up a title and description on a small index card to display with it.
  3. Many of the descriptions and functions of the Roman gods and goddesses came directly from the Greek gods. Ask students to choose one or two gods and verbally compare the Roman and Greek versions.


  • Activity Sheet G-1: Everyday Life in Ancient Greece
  • Activity Sheet G-2: Women in Ancient Greece

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