Internet Quest: Drops to Oceans

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Science, Earth and Space Science

Grade 5- 8


Students will examine facts and properties of water.


Introduce the Activity
Set the stage: "You fall from the sky and disappear very quickly. Where do you go? You can be good for the environment, but sometimes you can be a little strong. Sometimes there is too much or too little of you. What are you?"
This site, from the U.S. Geological Survey, has a lot of very good information and activities, more than we will tap into in this activity. There's a quiz, as well as lots of information. You could give your students 20 minutes to explore the site and ask them what they found.
Expand your water science unit with other activities from the site, or you could take a field trip to your water resource district or a local body of water.
"Some places have acid rain. Will this burn a hole in your umbrella? Learn about acid rain and record your answers on the activity page entitled Acid Rain."
You can print out the Web pages on acid rain and pH, and depending on your students, let them fill out the activity page on their own or fill it out together.


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