Internet Quest: Bottled Light

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Science, Physical Science

Grade 5- 8


Students analyze and explain how light and optics work.


Introduce the Investigation
Bottled light is the hot item for the holiday season. It's a valuable item in many dark places! Why does everybody want bottled light?
Optics for Kids is an educational page on a commercial site for Optical Research Associates. They do not sell any materials, but they do have links to material suppliers to help teachers find desired resources.
Activity 1- A Little Light Research
Everyone has so many questions before they buy their bottled light. You have all their answers. Fill in the blanks or answer the questions on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet.
The questions on the FAQ sheet (page 30) follow the article exactly.
Activity 2-A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
You know the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words. Create a poster to help increase the holiday sales of bottled light. On your poster show:

  1. What will your bottled light look like?
  2. Where could it be useful?
  3. How long does the light last?
  4. How much will it cost?
Activity 3- The One-Minute Approach
With the installation of a new phone system in your office, you find that you are making a lot more phone calls trying to sell your bottled light. It's finally time to fine-tune your one-minute phone call sales pitch. Write a one-minute sales pitch to sell your bottled light over the phone.
Activity 4-Phone Follow-Up Demonstrations
More and more people are asking for demonstrations of light and what colors are in your bottled light. Obtain a prism and a light from your teacher. Use the prism to separate the light into its primary colors.
  1. List all the colors you think you should see from your light.
  2. List all the colors you actually see from your light.
  3. Which colors are not in your light but you thought should be there? Why are they not there?
  4. Which colors are the brightest?
Activity 5-Resolving Concerns
A Siberian tanning salon is investigating a new light source. They have one big concern: Should they get a white light or laser light source? Write your response to them in the form of a business letter.
Have your students explain why they should get a white light source for tanning, rather than a laser.


  • copies of activity page (see link below)
  • light source (flashlight or sunlight)
  • prism

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