Renting an Apartment

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Mathematics, Operations (+, -, x, /, etc.), Problem Solving

Grade 5- 8


Students practice decimal multiplication with two- and three-digit multipliers, and logical reasoning as they complete math problems with real-world applications.



  1. List the objectives for the students.
  2. Ask the students what they know about each objective.
  3. Have them work in pairs to calculate answers to these problems.
  4. $352.80 x 12 = ? and $42.83 x 15 = ?
  5. Ask them how they knew where the decimal should go.
  6. Record their responses on the board. Prompt them to answer you in complete sentences. This will help them later when they are asked to explain their thinking.
  7. As you go through the activities with the students, allow for appropriate wait time between questions.
  8. Tell students to check their work as they go along. Look for simple mistakes in calculation. They must also include appropriate labels.
  9. Help the students to break apart the questions by picking out the main part of the question.
  10. Ask guiding questions.
    • What is the question asking us to do?
    • What do they mean by...?
    • Should we re-read the text?
    • Should we begin by...?
  11. Work with them to complete the different parts of the activity. You may choose to begin one part with them and then let them work independently or in small group with others.
  12. If they finish early, instruct students to use the time to check over their work. They should be checking to see if their answers are reasonable.
  13. Have the students switch papers and score each other's work based on the rubric.
  14. You will have to guide them through the scoring process.
  15. Hand out the Renting an Apartment activity and have the students complete it.
  16. Discuss and score the results.


  • Renting an Apartment activity sheets

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