Numerical Palindromes

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Mathematics, Numbers and Numerations, Problem Solving

Grade 5- 8


Students develop an understanding of number relations.


Whether they are numbers or letters, palindromes have the unusal quality of being the same when read from left to right as when they are read from right to left. The method given on the activity sheet is one way to generate a numerical palindrome. You may wish to challenge students to find other ways this number trick can be accomplished. The squares of certain integers also create palindromes. For example, 1 x1 = 1, 11 x 11 = 121, 111 x 111 = 12321. Does this pattern continue? Challenge students to test this method with other numbers to determine if this will always produce palindromes. If not, what are the limitations? Can the students think of any other ways to produce palindromes?
Make sure that students know that they should show all their steps to solving problems. They should make sure that their answers are clearly stated.


  • Numerical Palindromes activity sheet

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