Three Little Kittens: Addition Booklet

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Language Arts, Mathematics, Operations (+, -, x, /, etc.)

Grade -1- 1


Students will copy and extend patterns; use symbols in equations; solve simple equations; recognize and collects data; understand the problem; choose a problem-solving strategy; and implement a problem-solving strategy.


Before the Lesson

  1. Prepare the addition books for each student. Reproduce pages 54-55. Cut the pages so that there is one addition problem per page. The cover sheet should be on top. Staple them along the left side with two staples in book form. Each book should contain four pages.
  2. Make a pair of mittens for each student or request a pair of mittens or gloves from home labeled with the student's name. If you are making the mittens with paper, make each pair different. Vary the colors or designs. Try using wallpaper samples instead of construction paper for variety. They are sturdy and can be quite colorful.
  3. Make a floor chart, using butcher paper or masking tape.
  1. Reread the nursery rhyme Three Little Kittens.
  2. Ask the students if they have ever lost anything. Ask them to share with the class problem-solving strategies that they used to find the items.
  3. Have one-half of the class get out their mittens and put them into a pile. Mix the pile and randomly hand each student from the other half of the class one mitten. Ask the students to find the persons who have the matching mittens.
  4. When the students have found the mates to their mittens, have them describe to their partners the properties they looked for while trying to find the mates.
  5. Gather the mittens and put them aside.
  6. Repeat the activity with the other half of the class' mittens.
  7. Return the mittens to the original owners when the activity is complete.
  8. Graph the number of mittens on the floor graph. Discuss the results (of which are there more, of which are there fewer).
  9. Have the students sort and pattern the mittens in cooperative groups.
Center Idea
As a follow-up activity in a math center, have the students play mitten/kitten addition. Each student receives two dice, tiny chart stickers, and a copy of My Addition Booklet. Students will roll the dice and add them together to explore fact strategies. Students will then record their answers in their activity books. Each student will have room to record three math problems.


  • construction paper in a variety of colors, wallpaper samples, or fabric scraps
  • tiny chart stickers with mittens or cats on them
  • copies of the nursery rhyme Three Little Kittens
  • My Addition Booklet patterns (see worksheet link below)
  • butcher paper or masking tape
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • dice

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