Math Strategies to use with English Language Learners Gr 5-6

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This month's Teaching Tip comes from Math Strategies to use with English Language Learners Gr 5-6.

Making Inferences

Teach students this skill so they can make accurate predictions, understand cause-and-effect relationships, and summarize information. Remind students that they make inferences when they use clues and what they already know about math processes to solve problems. Context clues such as explanations or details, along with students’ background knowledge, can help students solve problems, make decisions, or answer questions.

Students make inferences in math when they do the following:

Tips for Teaching the Skill

  • Have students predict the weight of objects (e.g., fruit, books, beans) and make weight comparisons.
  • Sample Activity

    Have students collect data to create graphs. Provide step-by-step instructions for students to create their graphs. Model writing inference questions using an existing graph. The graph on pg. 28 can be used as a sample. Challenge students to write their own inference questions for partners to answer about their graphs.

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