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Science Vocabulary Ideas

Understanding vocabulary can be essential to a better, deeper understanding of a scientific concept. Use the following activities to help your students develop a better understanding of vocabulary words related to your unit of study.

Mini-Vocabulary Book

Create individual vocabulary books by following the directions below. Then, have students write one word on each page and illustrate the definition of the word. You may wish to have older students write the definition and/or a sentence using the word.

  1. Fold an 8.5" x 11" (22 cm x 28 cm) sheet of white paper into eight sections.
  2. Cut or tear along the center crease from the folded edge to the next fold line. (See diagram in PDF.)
  3. Open the paper and push the end sections together.
  4. Fold into a little book.

Quarter a Word

Choose a few words to "quarter" (example shown in PDF) together as a class or assign groups of students one or two words to "quarter." When the groups are done, they can report back to the rest of the class with their findings.

Students can either fold a piece of paper into four sections or draw a rectangle or square and divide that into four sections. In the first section, write the vocabulary word. In the second section, write a definition of the word. The definition can either be looked up in the dictionary or defined by the students. The third section contains a picture of the word. The picture can either be drawn or cut out of an old magazine. The final section includes a sentence that demonstrates how the word is used.

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