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The Writing Process

The Real Life Approach

The writing process is the "real life" approach to teaching students how to write. It replicates the way people really use writing daily as a life skill and a creative tool.

People who "really" write first have a need to write, either practical or creative. They make notes as ideas occur to them. They may have an intensive private brainstorming session to start their process. Then they look at their notes or brainstormed list. They choose, prioritize, and organize the information and then they put their first draft on paper. If they have time, they may put this draft away for some time in order to take a fresh look at it later. Then they edit. They may ask someone to proof their work and to provide feedback. Only after all this does the "real" writer attempt a final draft. Even this draft may need more revision, perhaps for clarity or for the addition of concrete examples.

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