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Add Transitions to End a Story

Writers use transitional words and phrases throughout their stories Transitions help to move and connect ideas throughout the story Finally, in conclusion, and as a result are examples of transitions that are used at the end of a story These transitions bring the events to an understandable and meaningful conclusion


What made me think that I could bake a cake? Baking a cake was a bad idea. It looks like it was run over by a truck. No one will ever want to eat this!

First of all, I left out the baking powder. I could tell the minute I saw it. The cake came out of the oven as flat as a pancake.

After my baking disaster, I decided to go to the bakery to buy a cake. However, when I got there, the only cake that was left had "Happy Birthday" written on it.

In the end, I asked the baker to change the message on the cake from "Happy Birthday" to "Happy Anniversary." To my surprise he said, "Yes!" What a relief! Most importantly, my parents are going to have a wonderful anniversary.

Ending Transitional Words and Phrases
in conclusion finally as a result consequently
accordingly thereafter basically with this in mind
in other words lastly at last most importantly
for this reason in the end in closing from that time on

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