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Story Writing: Daily Doses

Spin a Story

Unfold a class story by telling a part of the story each day. Begin the first day by saying the title and introducing the first part of the story. The next day, assign another student to add to your story beginning. The following day, another student adds to the story. The story continues to grow each day with a new student adding a piece to the story. Continue this way until every student has had a turn/day to add to the story. On the final day of the story, add a conclusion or come up with an ending by discussing it as a class. After you have finished the story, ask the students to name their favorite part, an interesting character, and so forth. Reliving the story together as a class can be fun and can reinforce memory and comprehension skills.

Story Star

Place a star made of construction paper on a different student's desk each morning before students come into class. The student with the star on his or her desk gets to share with the class a story he or she is writing. The student can share a character or a part of the story; he or she may even want to share the title. Students will be excited to see who the lucky person is each morning.

Question at the Door

Every morning before your students walk into the classroom, post a question on the door of your classroom. The question might be related to a specific story, or it might be a general question. This activity will get students thinking the minute they walk through the door. Look at the examples below:

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