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October 2016 E-book Sampler

December 2010 E-book Sampler

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October 4: World Animal Day

  • TCR059 Learning Centers through the Year, Grades K-2
    Animals, Pages 295-301
  • TCR3785 ?The World Almanac for Kids? Brain Teasers, Grades 3-4
    Animal Mix Up, Pages 12,93
  • TCR3792 Take 5 Minutes: The World Almanac for Kids, Grades 4-6
    Endangered Animals, Pages 7,94

October 10: Columbus Day

  • TCR3260 US History Little Books: Famous People, Grades K-3Christopher Columbus, Pages 93-98
  • TCR615 Multicultural Holidays, Grades 3-8Columbus Day, Page 51
  • TCR3351 Holiday Brain Teasers-Intermediate
    , Grades 3-5
    Columbus Day, Pages 43, 48

October 24: United Nations Day

  • TCR2062 Instant Social Studies-Primary, Grades 1-3
    United Nations Day, 129-131

October 31: Halloween

  • TCR3127 October Daily Journal Writing Prompts, Grades K-2Halloween Writing Prompts, Pages 16, 25, 38
  • TCR059 Learning Centers through the Year, Grades K-2
    Create a Monster Mask, Pages 97-101
  • TCR3351 Holiday Brain Teasers
    Halloween, Pages 5, 9, 10, 45-

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