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August 2017 E-book Sampler

E-book Sampler


August 12: World Elephant Day

  • TCR5991 More Mazes, Grades K–1
    Maze: Peanuts For Lunch, Pages 57, 64
  • TCR202 Early Childhood Units for the Alphabet, Grades K–1
    Elephant Pattern, Page 33
  • TCR676 Art for All Seasons, Grades 2–6
    Elephant Jug Mask, Pages 32,33

August 21: Poet's Day

  • TCR8977 Phonics Poetry Using Blends, Grades 1–3
    Phonics Poetry Using SW, Pages 44–46, 48
  • TCR239 Thematic Unit – Chocolate Grades 3–5
    Ode to Chocolate, Page 41
  • TCR3609 Writing and Reading Mysteries Grades 4–8
    Mystery for Two Voices, Pages 46–47

August 22: National Eat a Peach Day

  • TCR2933 Word Family Stories for Reading Comprehension, Grades K–1
    Word Family Story: The Beach, Pages 20, 48
  • TCR3067 Reader's Theater: Multicultural, Grades 2–3
    Momotaro, The Peach Boy, Pages 34–42
  • TCR441 Literature Unit, Grades 3–5
    James and the Giant Peach: Papier Mache Peach, Page 12

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