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July 2015 E-book Sampler

December 2010 E-book Sampler

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July 13-International Puzzle Day

TCR3906 Practice Makes Perfect: Math Picture Puzzles, Grades K-1
Addition and Subtraction, Pages 34 & 47

TCR2563 Puzzles and Games, Grades 3-4
Tangram Game, Pages 20 & 103

TCR3986 Mind Twister, Grade 6
Amazing Anagrams, Pages 14 & 87

July 20, 1969-Astronaut, Neil Armstrong Walked on the Moon

TCR8372 Document-Based Questions, Grade 2
First Moon Landing,Pages 55-57 & 109

TCR8237 Read, Write & Respond, Grades 4-6
First U.S. Astronauts Announced, Pages 107 & 204

TCR3385 Nonfiction Reading Comprehension, Grade 5
Visiting the Moon, Pages 38-39 & 48

July 24 -Amelia Earhart Day

TCR281 Thematic Unit—Flight, Grades 3-5
Voyager Flight & Related Activities, Pages 38-44

TCR3209 Extraordinary American Women, Grades 3-8
Focus on Aviators: Making Model Airplanes, Pages 85-87

TCR3804 The Best of Internet Activities, Grades 3-8
Amelia Earhart, Pages 77-79

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