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February 2018 E-book Sampler

E-book Sampler


February 2: Groundhog Day

  • TCR2062 Instant Social Studies—Primary, Grades 1-3
    Groundhog Day, Page 18-20
  • TCR3131 February Daily Journal Prompts, Grades K-2
    When the groundhog sees its shadow, Page 9
  • TCR8237 Read-Write-Respond, Grades 4–6
    Read, Write, Respond: February 2—Groundhog Day, Page 38, 199

Historic Women—
Rosa Parks’ Birthday (Feb. 4) and Susan B. Anthony Day (Feb 15)

  • TCR3083 Developing Nonfiction Reading and Writing Skills, Grades 3-5
    Female Civil Rights Leaders, Pages 18–23, 151
  • TCR2775 Standard: Meeting Them in the Classroom, Grades 1-3
    Susan B Anthony, Pages 47–78
  • TCR3804 The Best of Internet Activities, Grades 3-8
    Susan B Anthony, Pages 66-68

February 20 – President’s Day

  • TCR2058 Celebrate the Holidays! Grades 1–3
    President’s Day Fun, Page 28
  • TCR8237 Read-Write-Respond (January–June) Grades 4–6
    George Washington’s Birthday, Page 58, 201
  • TCR3353 Presidential Puzzlers, Grades 2–6
    President’s Day Crossword Puzzle, Pages 19, 26, 105, 106

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