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May 2016 E-book Sampler

December 2010 E-book Sampler

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May 8—Mother's Day

TCR2058-Celebrate the Holidays, Grades 1-3
Mother's Day Frame, Pages 56-57

TCR3198-Art for All Seasons, Grades 1-5
Mother's Joy Jar and Tissue Paper Bouquet, Pages 124-127

TCR2022- The 20th Century: 1900-1909, Grades 5-8
Mother's Day, Page 63

May 12—Limerick Day

TCR261 Thematic Unit—Easter and St. Patrick's Day, Grades 1-3
Limericks, Page 33

TCR3913 Critical Thinking: Test-taking Practice for Reading, Grade 4
The Limericks of Edward Lear, Pages 72-75, 94-95

TCR2992 Poetry Writing, Grades 3-5
Limerick, Pages 19-26

May 30—Memorial Day

TCR8027 Nonfiction Reading: Social Studies, Grades 1-2
The Last Monday in May, Pages 108-110, 14

TCR3596 Our Flag, Grades 2-5
U.S.A. Flag Math, Pages 28 & 48

TCR2058 Celebrate the Holidays! Grades 1-3
Honoring Our Flag, Page 63

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