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July 2016 E-book Sampler

December 2010 E-book Sampler

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July 13 International Puzzle Day

TCR3906 Math Picture Puzzles, Grades K-1
Addition, Pages 18-21 & 44

TCR5994 Start to Finish: Word Searches, Grades 2-3
Looking for the Adjectives, Pages 31 & 60

TCR3596 Our Flag, Grades 2-5
Crossword Puzzle, Pages 40 & 48

July 18 Nelson Mandela Day

TCR8375 Document-Based Questions, Grade 5
Nelson Mandela: A Man of Courage, Pages 25-27 & 107

TCR3492 Daily Warm-Ups: Reading, Grade 6
Nelson Mandela, Pages 26 & 168

July 30 International Friendship Day

TCR536 A Guide for Using Johnny Appleseed in the Classroom, Grades 1-3
Friendship Tree, Page 17

TCR8862 Nonfiction Reading Comprehension: Informational Reading, Grades 2-3
Make a New Friend, Pages 31-32 & 141-142

TCR3147 Spotlight on America: A Nation of Immigrants, Grades 5-8
The Statue of Liberty, Pages 68-70 & 95

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