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April 2017 E-book Sampler

December 2010 E-book Sampler

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April 5: National Find a Rainbow Day

  • TCR2072–Learning Center Activities: Science, Grades K-2
    Over the Rainbow, Pages 21-23
  • TCR8770–Science Through the Years, Grades PreK-K
    Rainbow Ice, Pages 36-41
  • TCR0676–Art for All Seasons, Grades 2-6
    Rainbow Windsock, Page 97

April 15: RMS Titanic Sank, 1912

  • TCR3083–Developing Nonfiction Reading and Writing Skills, Grades 3-5
    Marine Disasters, Pages 31-36,152
  • TCR2023–1910-1919, Grades 5-8
    The Unsinkable Titanic, Page 38

April 17: Haiku Day

  • TCR3273–Poetry Writing, Grades 1-3
    Poetry Writing–Haiku, Pages 5,24,25
  • TCR0674–Rain Forest, Grades 3-5
    Heavenly Haiku, Page 118
  • TCR8080–A Guide for Using Criss Cross in the Classroom, Grades 4-8
    Speaking in Haiku, Page 18

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