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February 2016 E-book Sampler

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February 2016 E-Book

February 12, 2016-Abraham Lincoln's Birthday, 1809

TCR2602 Big & Easy Patterns, Grades K-3 Holiday Patterns: Lincoln's Birthday, Pages 127-131

TCR2467 Social Studies Through the Year, Grades 2-4 The Lincoln Memorial, Pages 318 & 384

TCR3214 Civil War, Grade 4-8 Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, Pages 59-60

February 15, 2016-President's Day TCR2923 Differentiated Nonfiction Reading, Grade 6 Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States, Pages 70-73 & 96

TCR3912 Critical Thinking: Test-taking Practice for Reading, Grade 3 U.S. Presidents, Pages 69-71, 93-94

TCR8025 Nonfiction Reading: Social Studies, Grade 4 A Palindrome and a President, Pages 111-113 & 144

February 16, 2016-Innovation Day TCR2920 Differentiated Nonfiction Reading, Grade 3 George Eastman Invents the Kodak Moment, Pages 30-33 & 96

TCR494 Focus on Artists, Grades 4-8 Georges Seurat, Pages 58-60

TCR2027 The Fifties, Grades 5-8 Frank Lloyd Wright, Page 57

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