STEM Leprechaun Trap Activity

Looking for a fun but educational activity to do with your students for St. Patrick’s Day?  We’ve put together a STEM focused lesson where students will figure out how to catch their own leprechaun!

Leprechauns are smart and very tricky, too.  Do your students want to catch one?  If so, they will need to make a very special trap – one that has a simple machine or two as part of the construction.  Students will also have to think of something to get the leprechaun’s attention.  What would make him come out of hiding so they can catch him in their traps?

The STEM: Catching a Leprechaun Handout will start by walking students through examples of common machines they see around them every day.  Next they will get to know leprechauns by learning facts like… They make shoes for themselves and for fairies.  Next, students will need to decide which machine(s) they are planning to use in their trap, and for extra fun, allow your students to get crafty and decorate their traps.  After all, they need to attract their leprechaun!

The activity will then ask a series of questions for the technology and engineering aspects where students will have to discuss their processes.  And finally, will do a bit of math!

Feel free to add on to this activity or possibly celebrate the capture of your leprechauns with a St. Patrick’s Day Party!



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