3 Classroom Activities to do this Halloween

Looking for new ways to integrate fun Halloween activities while reinforcing learning? These Halloween games and activities are perfect for a classroom Halloween party, or can be used all throughout fall.

Watch 3 Halloween Classroom Activities Video:

Pumpkin Patch Brain Break

Teacher Created Resources Pumpkin Patch Brain Break

This first Halloween activity is great for establishing healthy habits and getting kids to exercise. It can be done outdoors, or you could modify the physical activity to smaller movements if you wanted to do it inside the classroom.

Pumpkin Mini Accents
Pumpkin Accents
Plastic Craft Sticks
Fall Straight Border Trim
Green Sassy Solids Chart
-Hay Bale

  1. Glue a Pumpkin Mini Accent to a Plastic Craft Stick. Continue to do this for about 25 craft sticks and accents.
  2. Take a hay bale and wrap the Fall Straight Border Trim around the bottom of it.
  3. Glue the pumpkin craft sticks and insert towards the back of the hay bale.
  4. Insert the mini pumpkin craft sticks into the hay bale, making sure not to show the color of the craft stick.
  5. Glue each color craft stick into the Green Sassy Solids Chart and write down a physical activity for each one. Some great activities would be to do 10 jumping jacks or run in place for 10 seconds.
  6. Students will then “pick” a pumpkin from the patch. When each student picks their pumpkin, the craft stick will reveal which physical activity the whole class should do.

Pumpkin Patch Math Game
 Teacher Created Resources Pumpkin Patch Math Game
This game can be done on a bulletin board, underneath your whiteboard, or anywhere you have space.

Pumpkin Accents
Fall Leaves Accents
Orange Sassy Solids Double-Sided Border
Black & White Clothespins

  1. Write a math equation on each Fall Leaf Accent. Use addition problems or any equations your class happens to be studying  (without answer).
  2. Write the answers to the math equations on Pumpkin Accents.
  3. Use  Black & White Clothespins to attach the  Pumpkin Accent Answers to the Orange Sassy Solid Border Trim, and hang it on a bulletin board
  4. Place the fall leaf equations face down on a table.
  5. Have each student choose one fall leaf math equation.
  6. Have each student solve the problem. Using the clothespin, have the student attach it to the correct answer on the Pumpkin Accent.

Halloween Party Crowns

Teacher Created Resources Halloween Crowns

Making Halloween Party Crowns is an easy way to get festive in the classroom. It’s especially great for schools that don’t  wear costumes in the classroom.

Halloween Accents from Susan Winget
Orange Sassy Solids Double-Sided Border

  1. Take the Orange Sassy Solids Double-Sided Border Trim and measure it around each students head. Staple or glue to secure.
  2. Have students choose their favorite Halloween accents and glue or staple to the crowns.


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