What’s the Best? Post Your Reviews!

Happy New Year! In our new catalog, you’ll find several new, innovative products for teaching. We hope you’ll give them a try and then help us settle some friendly disputes going on in our editorial department.

The editors who developed Interactive Game Wizard are sure that product is the best of the bunch. After all, they say, teachers can use it to create interactive lessons on everything from consonant sounds to life cycles!

Other editors are convinced that teachers will be even more appreciative of the help provided in books on “new” topics. They are voting for Internet Literacy and Using Graphic Novels in the Classroom.

The editor who really would prefer to be the next great American novelist is convinced that the Using a Writer’s Notebook books are the best resources ever developed to foster a love of writing.

Editors who have close ties to classroom teachers assure us that Differentiated Lessons and Assessments for both Science and Social Studies are going to be the new favorites of teachers.

It looks like we’re going to need your help to settle this. Would you please post your reviews of these new products here? Besides settling things among our editors, you’ll also help your fellow teachers decide which products will be most helpful to them!

Thanks in advance for your help!
T.C. Bear

Note: If you haven’t received our catalog in the mail yet, you can find these new products in our virtual catalog.

One thought on “What’s the Best? Post Your Reviews!”

  1. Susan Philipsen-Zabel

    Encouraging the students to write and illustrate is so needed in our instructional material today. I’m very proud to be working for a company that really stands by their methods of how they create the products we have here at
    “Teacher Created Resources”!

    “The Graphic Novels in the Classroom” is one such example, see for yourself, download samples or go to a nearby store to see those books we carry, see our website at http://www.teachercreated.com for more details.

    It is very easy for me to say these positive things since I do work here in the “Customer Service Department”, I always
    say if you believe in something, it is not hard to praise it.

    Susan Philipsen-Zabel

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