Holiday Homework Dilemma

As the holidays draw near I can’t help but recollect the argument that ensued with my husband every year that I taught school. No, it wasn’t about gifts or who to spend the holidays with—it was about homework.

To give homework or not over our two-week break was always a bone of contention between the two of us. For years we taught English at neighboring schools. I was at a middle school; he was at the high school. He thought his students needed something to keep them connected to school and some academic reinforcement. I felt it was their vacation and that’s just what they needed, some much needed time off and spending their holidays to some great places like the ones at

Now don’t misunderstand. I am not anti-homework. When it is well thought out and used to practice something that has been learned in class, homework serves a great purpose. I also like homework that involves some type of long-term assignment that involves research. Homework during the course of the school year is fine with me.

It is just that I found myself a bit “fried” when it came to the winter holidays.I tried to put myself into my students’ positions and thought they would be, too.My kids just didn’t get homework over the winter break because I didn’t want homework when we returned to school. For me to make the decision was about as simple as that.They might consider it a present if they wanted to.My husband’s students did get homework,perhaps a paper to write or a book to read.Not a huge amount granted, but enough to have to be concerned about it being turned in.

We never came to a resolution about the holiday homework dilemma. Do you think there might be one? Where do you stand?

2 thoughts on “Holiday Homework Dilemma”

  1. Amy Henning

    I totally agree with you. Vacation is a vacation. Why do we have to try to monopolize every minute of their time? My ideas solidified once I became a full-time stepmom. When my boys visited their mom over the weekend and/or vacation, no homework was accomplished. Then is was a battle for their father and me to handle. Let the kids, and the rest of the family, have a break!

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