Going Green

Wait! Don’t throw out that icky, old glue stick or empty glue bottle; you can recycle it. Better yet, use the sticky mess to open a discussion about going green or greener. We are all aware (or should be) of the recycling potential of glass, paper, and plastic, but there is so much more we can be doing at home, in the classroom, and in our communities. Businesses are getting on the bandwagon as well. The Elmers Glue Crew Recycling program is a perfect example. Elmer’s Glue has a partnership with Walmart to get schools to recycle old glue sticks and bottles. Other stores take back used ink cartridges—some even pay for them. And plastic bags can be returned to most groceries stores to be recycled and turned into many different products.

Have you got your class (or home) recycling center set up? If not, check and see what types of recycling are done in your area, and put students to work designing one that will work for the materials they generate. Keep a special container on the end for “random things.” It can include odd puzzle pieces, cards, manipulatives, missing game pieces, lost and found items, etc. Repurpose the contents throughout the year as a source for materials for projects. Odd puzzle pieces, playing cards, and the like can make wonderful murals, gifts, or counting game pieces.

Next year we will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Here at TCR we are busy creating a new series of products to honor that event. What are you doing to help Earth? More importantly, how are you going to teach your students or children how to help Earth? Get started now! When you see recycling signs or symbols in your area, stop and see what you can do to add to the growing number of recyclers and reduce, reuse, and repurpose.

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