Monthly Archives: March 2015

11 Ways to Spot a Leprechaun & Activity Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. Share these fun leprechaun facts with students and pair them with activities to get their creative minds going. Leprechaun Facts Would you like to meet a leprechaun? First, you have to find one. Here are some facts about leprechauns that may help. But be careful! Leprechauns like … Continue reading 11 Ways to Spot a Leprechaun & Activity Ideas »

Interactive Notebooks & Trivia Assessment

Hey all!  It’s Staci from Let’s Teach Something Blog back again. This time, I’m here to show you how I help my students anchor their learning using interactive notebooks and a trivia assessment game. Interactive Notebooks Let me give you a picture of what my teaching looks like. My 2nd graders have 2 interactive notebooks: one … Continue reading Interactive Notebooks & Trivia Assessment »