Monthly Archives: August 2014

Good Behavior Rewards Cards

Need a way to reward good behavior in the classroom? Use a rectangular accent piece or thick card stock to make a rewards card for each student. Write each student’s name in the middle of the rewards card and use a hole puncher to give hole punches to students when they are demonstrating good behavior. … Continue reading Good Behavior Rewards Cards »

Back to School Dollar Store Crafts & Tips

  Saving money in the classroom is a top priority for teachers. There are many educational lessons and activities to put together for students, so money saving tips are always welcome. These 5 Dollar Saving Teachers created budget-friendly dollar store crafts using Teacher Created Resources classroom decorations and supplies from a dollar store.  They offered … Continue reading Back to School Dollar Store Crafts & Tips »

How Do We Go Home Bulletin Board

Hi all! Jennifer here from Kinderama. Back to school is just around the corner so I picked up some classroom supplies at a dollar store for my kindergarten classroom. The colors of these supplies and decorations this summer are perfect for any classroom. I put together a “How Do We Get Home” Bulletin Board with … Continue reading How Do We Go Home Bulletin Board »