Bulletin Board: Memorial Day

Bulletin Board: Memorial Day Teacher Created Resources

I think it is very important that we remember the brave soldiers who gave their lives for our country on Memorial Day. I wanted to create a patriotic bulletin board for Memorial Day, but my board dimensions did not fit a flag. I decided to create a “Remember Our Heroes” themed board. I made a sky background and created a U.S.A. flag using, red, white and blue paper. The flag is a red background paper with white stripes, cut and glued on top of it. I traced and cut 50 stars, and glued to the blue background.

Bulletin Board: Memorial Day Teacher Created Resources

The students made the soldiers using drawing paper for the body, hands and head.  We cut shoes and belts out of brown construction paper.  The hats were cut out larger than the head so we could fold them around the head and then fold up the brim.  To get the camouflage look on the uniform, we sponge painted them brown and green. We added a flag sticker on the soldiers’ hands.  The students put eye stickers on and drew the rest of the face.  I added “Remember Our Heroes” using Fancy Stars Funtastic 4” Letters Combo Pack, and brought the bulletin board all together with Patriotic Scalloped Border Trim.

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