All Eyes on Vancouver

I grew up at just the right time and in just the right place to get an early education in the excitement of the Olympic Games. In 1984, the Summer Games took place in Los Angeles; and, in part due to the Eastern Bloc boycott, that was a good year to root for the red, white, and blue. The United States ended up earning an Olympic-record 83 gold medals that year, which was more than the next five most-decorated countries combined. Each day during the Games, my whole family and most of my friends tuned in to our TV sets to watch these feel-good stories unfold. The places—Dodger Stadium, Pauley Pavilion, the Rose Bowl—were familiar; the faces—Mary Lou Retton, Carl Lewis, Greg Louganis—were new and inspiring. While a patriotic pride seemed to sweep over the country, a civic pride also developed. All eyes were on L.A., and there was a lot worth seeing.

It is now 26 years later, and another city is getting ready for its time in the spotlight. For those with close ties to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the 2010 Olympic Winter Games will serve as an opportunity to strengthen their connection to the city. For those of us who have never lived near—or even visited—the region, the Games will offer a glimpse of a place that often ranks near the top of the “Most Livable City in the World” lists. During the past year, I have had the privilege of getting that glimpse in my role as editor for Teacher Created Resources. Our Journey to Vancouver books help to immerse students and educators—and editors, too!—in the global event that is the Olympic Games. No other happening produces this organically a blend of culture, competition, fraternity, inspiration, and achievement. It promises to be two weeks of teachable moments, and it all begins on February 12.

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  1. Mark

    Just found Weekly Reader on Facebook and Good resources and they have an awesome feature on the Winter Olympics coming up.

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