New Supplies for a New School Year

There are many things you will find useful to have at the ready in your classroom. Hopefully, your school is well supplied and able to provide you with everything you need. However, that is not always the case.

In a perfect world, you will be supplied with each of the following to begin your year. If not, acquire what you can. Do not be afraid to ask for donations! Everything goes much smoother with the right supplies.

Once you gather your supplies, don’t hesitate in putting them away. Find locations that are convenient and logical. Don’t store all of your supplies in a big box in your closet and think that you will easily be able to access them later. Don’t throw them all into your desk to arrange later. Store and arrange them now in an organized way. The following list will be helpful in getting started. You may need to add to or delete from the list, depending upon your needs.

• lined writing paper (appropriate to grade level)
• notepads
• blank drawing paper
• colored construction paper
• file folders and pocket folders
• envelopes
• pens, pencils, pencil sharpener, pencil holder
• crayons and colored pencils
• markers and permanent markers
• masking tape and clear tape
• glue sticks and white glue
• rulers
• yard or meter stick
• paper clips
• rubber bands
• pushpins, safety pins, and tacks
• scissors
• stapler and staples
• brads
• three-hole punch
• pointers
• name tags or name plates
• calendar
• lesson planner and record books
• bookmarks
• hall passes
• dictionary and thesaurus
• brain teasers
• incentive charts
• stickers
• badges and awards
• bulletin boards, border trim, and accents
• headliners and banners
• chalkboard or dry-erase board
• chalk or dry-erase pens
• overhead transparencies
• overhead projector and projection screen
• first-aid kit
• memory album

2 thoughts on “New Supplies for a New School Year”

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