Summer Packets

Many teachers send a letter to their students just before the start of the school year. It’s a great way to introduce the teacher and get students excited about the coming year. How about including a small packet of summer activities with that letter? See a sample letter here.

Start by picking out your favorite activities from any of the resource books that are fun and cover all subject areas and ability levels (you can search for books by subject area and grade level here or scroll down for sample activities). Then students can pick and choose as they see fit. Designate the activities as optional. Those who complete some activities should bring them in the first day of school. They can share special projects if they want, and the teacher can display certain ones. Give every student who participated a certificate as a reward for these extra efforts during the summer.

The teacher can emphasize that the activities can be done with partners or family members. Again, stress that these are optional. They are meant to be fun, yet can be a learning or reviewing experience. Since many children attend camp for the summer, the teacher may want to include one or two activities that tie in—a journal and picture of a favorite camp memory, for example.

Tips: It is a good idea to send packets in July, about one month before school, when students may be feeling bored. Make the envelope inviting and exciting. Put stickers on the outside and address it using colorful markers. Include a class list if possible, so students can get together and work on the activities. New friendships may develop before the school year starts.

Sample activities to include in your summer packets:

From Creative Kids: Arts, Crafts & More:

From 101 Ways to Love a Book:

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  1. Busymom

    What a great way to make a personal connection with your students. This is such a simple way to make them feel special while at the same time re-engaging them into school mode. I am going to try it this year! Thank You.

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