School Year Lesson Reminder Binders

Reminder Binders

Sometimes we wonder where the school year goes. Time seems to fly. Teachers start to think, “Are the children even aware of all they have learned and experienced by January, or even June for that matter?” To aid their memory, have a reminder binder to browse through throughout the year and especially at the end of the year. It is fun and triggers a lot of memories.

There are several ways of implementing a reminder binder.

1. At the end of each week or day, pick one or two students who will be responsible for choosing one particular event, activity, or lesson. Have them write a brief description and illustrate it. These are then filed in one main binder titled “The Reminder Binder.” They should share with the class their choice when they finish.

2. At the end of each month, students brainstorm the month’s important events, activities, and lessons. Try to get at least one per student. Write them on the whiteboard. Each student picks one and describes and illustrates it in “The Reminder Binder.” Students who finish early can do a second one. This repeats monthly. Both ways get students thinking about what they have learned and experienced, either daily, weekly, or monthly. At the end of the school year, it is exciting to go back and remember all the great learning that took place.

Tip: Instead of a binder, students can write their activity on an ice cream scoop shaped note and build a giant cone that hangs in the room. Any shape will work, such as a school bus, tree with leaves, or an ocean of dolphins. It is nice to have this visual for quick reference and review. There are also ready-made memory albums that parents and teachers can purchase as gifts for their students to fill in throughout the year.

One thought on “School Year Lesson Reminder Binders”

  1. moran

    Great ideas! I feel it is very important to incorporate into our teaching ways for students to remember at a later date what they have learned in the previous months. I teach 8th grade computer applications. My students keep a binder througout the year. Their binders include instructions, samples, articles, their own work, and any other materials I feel would be helpful to them in class and in the future. At the end of each nine weeks, we spend two days completing documents that are review of what they have learned througout the nine weeks. At the end of the year, they purge their binders and only keep the documents that would be good references in high school. I give them two pocket folders for the reference materials so they can keep it easily in their lockers. I keep the folders and give them out at the beginning of their freshman year.

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