Thanksgiving Activities

First, a little Thanksgiving background for your students…
• The Pilgrims sailed to the New World on a ship called the Mayflower.
• The Mayflower was 113 feet long.
• The Pilgrims set sail from Plymouth, England, on September 6, 1620.
• There were 102 Pilgrims on the Mayflower.
• The journey to the New World took 65 days.
• An agreement called the Mayflower Compact was written to set rules for life in the new land.
• The first home the Pilgrims built was called the common house.
• All the Pilgrims lived together in the common house until individual homes were built.
• Only 51 of the Pilgrims survived to celebrate the first Thanksgiving feast.
• In 1863, Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving Day a national holiday.

Giving Thanks Turkey – Activity

• Crayons
• Scissors
• Pencil
• Glue

1. Download this activity here (other Thanksgiving activities are also included!).
2. Give one copy of the Thanksgiving turkey (page 94) to each student.
3. In the feathers, students can write nine things they are thankful for (one thing per feather).
4. Next, color the feathers and the turkey parts.
5. Cut out the pieces.
6. Glue the tail pieces behind the body, and voilà! A Giving Thanks Turkey!

Know a great activity students and teachers can do for Thanksgiving? Share it in our comment roll!

Happy Thanksgiving!

One thought on “Thanksgiving Activities”

  1. Tracie

    I like to have my students read and text mark George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation. I’ve reworded it so now it is at about a 6th grade reading level.
    1. We read it together as a class, and I ask students to use one color to indicate what Washington wants the people to do. (be grateful, unite, give thanks, etc.)
    2. Then students use another color to mark what God has done (for Christian schools: protection, help, good comes from God, kindness, etc.). In public schools students could mark Washington’s beliefs for why this day should be set aside. I think that studying what someone in history says and believes does not violate any “no religion in schools” mandates…
    3. Students then write one or more sentences using a sentence starter such as, “I can…” to describe how they can celebrate the holiday in keeping with George Washington’s original purpose for the day.

    Here is the proclamation for anyone who wants to use it:

    George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

    All people should know God is good, obey His will, and be grateful for the things He does for us. We should ask for His protection and help. The fourth Thursday of November will be set aside by the people of the United States to serve God. He is great and glorious, and all good comes from Him. We will unite in giving Him our sincere thanks for His kindness and protection of everyone in this country, and for all the great favors He has been pleased to give us.

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