Teacher Survival Kit

Considering that teaching is often a very taxing job, all teachers could use a survival kit.  A survival kit will remind us why we chose to be teachers.  Here are some items to include in your kit:

(Note:  Phrases taken from a poem by an unknown author):

·         A pencil so you can write down your blessings

·         A piece of chewing gum to help you remember to “stick with it”

·         An eraser to help you remember, everyone makes mistakes, even teachers

·         A candy kiss to help you remember that we all need hugs now and then

·         A toothpick to remind you that you can pick out the good things in anyone

·         A smiley face to help you remember a smile takes less muscles than a frown

·         A seed to remind us that things grow and mature and things can change


Teacher “Picker-Upper”

Sometimes teachers need a bit of pepping up.  Try this idea for a teacher friend.  Obtain several medium-size empty pill bottles from the local pharmacy.  On a large adhesive label, write the “prescription” below for a teacher friend or other co-worker.  Paste it to the pill bottle.  Fill the bottle with some type of small candies.  Place it on a friend’s desk or in his or her mailbox.  Just the idea will help brighten the day!

                        RX# 12345                   100 mg

                        Dr. (your name)             For:  (Whomever)

Directions:  Whenever you are feeling down in the dumps, take one or two of these for an energy boost.  Refill as necessary.


Check out these two books for more teacher survival tips:

One thought on “Teacher Survival Kit”

  1. moran

    I want to use both of these ideas. Three-four years ago, our FCCLA students did something similar to the Teacher Survival Kit only they were appreciation baggies given to us during Teacher Appreciation Week. The baggies contained items with different notes attached to them.

    At the beginning of each school year, I come up with something to keep on my desk throughout the year that will remind me why I teach. Next year I am going to do the Survival Kit.

    I know several teachers that I work with that will apreciate the pill bottle “picker-upper”. Thanks for the ideas.

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