Lesson Plan Design

Here are a few basic stepsĀ for formulating a lesson. This lesson plan works for individual lessons as well as for lessons that may require several days to complete. Remember that if a lesson continues for more than one day, students will need to be refocused on the objective of the lesson, and the teacher will need to check that the students remember what they have learned or worked on before continuing.

Set: Get the students ready to learn.
Purpose of the lesson:

Instruction: Learning may be broken down into several parts.
Check understanding:

Guided Practice: Practice the new learning with the teacher.
Materials or supplies:

Closure: Make the connection and final check for understanding with the students between the learning and the guided practice activity.

Independent Practice: Check to be sure that the practice or activity relates to the objective of the lesson.
Materials or supplies:

This lesson plan outline was taken from the Jumbo Book of Teacher Tips and Timesavers.

One thought on “Lesson Plan Design”

  1. Alexa Puckett

    These steps are good for developing a good lesson plan. I think many times a teacher will teach something one day and the students will forget it the next day. Linking the learned material from day to day is a good way for the students to have the material imbeaded in their brains. Also, I think when making the closure that if you notice any students that do not quite understand the material that you provide alternate modes of teaching it.

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