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You are a teacher. You’ve learned the ins and outs of child psychology, effective classroom management, curriculum development, and even how to create a PowerPoint presentation—but now what? Now you’re in the classroom, on your own, and all that wonderful training may not seem like quite enough to get you through the real world of teaching. Rest assured, your teacher training is excellent groundwork for the path ahead; however, your real training is about to begin—in the classroom.

Written and compiled by veteran teachers, this blog contains useful information that will help make your first year a smooth and comfortable one. You’ll find tried-and-true tips, lesson plans, and other resources for every new teacher, covering such topics as:

• classroom management, organization, and decoration

• educational and discipline techniques

• teaching tips for reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and art

• suggestions for whole-class and independent learning

• student behavior management

• motivational ideas

• parent and student communication

• how to use a substitute effectively

• cross-curricular worksheets and activities

• lesson plans and ideas

• and lots more!

Of course, even an experienced teacher will find a great deal of support and new ideas in the following posts. It is never too late to learn something new!

When all is said and done, learning how to create a PowerPoint presentation is one thing, but knowing when to use it and who to rely upon for help is even more useful. With the supporting ideas here, you will have the time and energy to put all your classroom training to effective and positive use.

Good luck and best wishes as you embark on this exciting and rewarding new career! Teacher Created Resources will be there to help you along the way.




2 thoughts on “Welcome to Teacher Created Tips”

  1. kerry

    nice post!

    I’ve also find the same related topic to teachingpost at http://theteachingpost.com

    they give me much idea to start teaching by tomorrow morning. I hope you’ll update this blog daily and we can create some “ring” to talk about teaching tips or other subject related.

    Just for a sugestion, may be you can put a tag cloud so the visitor will know what famous tag searched in your blog.

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