Election Activities

Here is a fun, engaging activity to teach your students about the upcoming elections.

Activity:  You are the Candidate

You are running for President of the United States in this upcoming presidential election year. You are going to represent the people you feel have been ignored or whose concerns you support. You intend to conduct a campaign based on issues which are important to you.

Make a list of every national issue you think is important. These issues might involve any of the topics
listed below plus other matters of concern to you. Next to the issue indicate your positions, opinions,
and solutions for dealing with the problem.

Sample issues:

  • war and peace in various parts of the world
  • terrorism at home and abroad
  • unemployment and job opportunities
  • equal pay for equal work and worker rights
  • treatment of women in the workplace
  • minority rights and racial preferences
  • taxes–who pays them and how much
  • opportunities for young people
  • medical care for the poor and the aging
  • the economy

Your Issues                                           Your Opinions and Solutions
_______________________          ___________________________________________
_______________________          ___________________________________________
_______________________          ___________________________________________
_______________________          ___________________________________________
_______________________          ___________________________________________
_______________________          ___________________________________________
_______________________          ___________________________________________
_______________________          ___________________________________________

Setting Priorities
1. Study the issues you listed above.
2. Choose five issues that are the most important concerns to you.
3. Write a reason to explain why each of the five topics you selected is more important than the
other issues.

1. ___________________________________________________________________
2. ___________________________________________________________________
3. ___________________________________________________________________
4. ___________________________________________________________________
5. ___________________________________________________________________

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One thought on “Election Activities”

  1. Anna

    I love this lesson plan! I really think this is a great way for the students to get involved with the election.I really think that the students would enjoy doing this activity also because they can feel like they know whats going on in the world and the election. I think it would be a great lesson for a history class. I think it could bring up great class discussions talking about public issues and problems within our government. I think it would be great to hear what the students had to say about todays society and I think it would be great for them to discuss it with the class.

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