Traditional Printing Super Jumbo Name Plates-Red

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  • Rating: 5.0 Stars

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These super jumbo name plates provide plenty of space for both first and last names--plus a ruler and helpful information like colors, shapes, and math facts. 4" x 18" and 36 per pack.

This product is acid-free per industry standards; contact us for technical information.

UPC: 088231943112

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Loving them!

Rating: 5

Reviewed: 05/17/2015

Reviewed By: Jana (Rainier, WA)

These nameplates are on cardstock and have everything I need for my students to refer to in our math curriculum. I refer to them all the time! I use them as another tool my students can use. I laminate them, write my student's names on them with a Sharpie, and then tape it to my student's desks.

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