Daily Warm-Ups: Problem Solving Math Grade 2

  • 2nd Grade
  • 176 pages
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Solving word problems requires both strategy and skill. When confronted with a problem, students need to figure out how to solve the problem--and then solve it! The 250 exercises in each book help students learn a variety of strategies for solving problems as well as grade-specific math skills. The content is correlated to the Common Core State Standards.

ISBN: 9781420635768
UPC: 088231935766


i am happy with this book!

Rating: 4

Reviewed: 02/07/2015

Reviewed By: Eileen (Windsor, CT)

I am not a teacher, just tutor my boy at home almost daily. This product is right for my almost 6 years old boy. As an starter, he said most of them are easy, some of them are difficult. I am happy with this book, can build his confidence and challenge him a bit.

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