Colorful Paw Prints Set

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The adorable paw print calendar is 24" x 18" and comes with easy-to-read numbers pieces, colorful monthly headers, and additional pieces for holidays and special occasions. The calendar includes 68 UV coated pieces. The matching accents, cards, incentive charts, border trim, and paper complete the set.
Set includes:

  • TCR4328-Colorful Paw Prints Calendar Bulletin Board
  • TCR4114-Colorful Paw Prints Accents
  • TCR4756-Colorful Paw Prints Incentive Chart
  • TCR4641-Colorful Paw Prints Straight Border Trim
  • TCR7687-Colorful Paw Prints Blank Chart
  • TCR4769-Colorful Paw Prints Computer Paper
  • TCR4596-Colorful Paw Prints Headliners
  • TCR4040-Paw Prints Left/Right Alphabet Name Plates
  • TCR4596-Colorful Paw Prints Headliners
  • TCR5116-Colorful Paw Prints Mini Accents

UPC: 088231999010

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