Targeting Comprehension Strategies for the Common Core Grade 4

Teaching Tip of the Month

This month's Teaching Tip comes from Targeting Comprehension Strategies for the Common Core Grade 4.

Point of View and Purpose

Lesson Objective

Students will understand and identify the writer’s point of view and purpose.

Background Information

The writer’s point of view is his or her opinion about a subject. A reader should, after careful and detailed analysis of what has been written, understand and be able to identify the point of view expressed in the text.

The writer’s purpose for writing explains why the text was written. It may be to express a particular point of view, to amuse, entertain, inform, persuade, instruct, describe, record information, or to explain something.

Students should be encouraged to try to determine how and what the writer was thinking and use this to help them make decisions about the writer’s point of view. They should then look for details in the text to support or reject the choices they have made. (These can be underlined.) All possible choices should be considered before a final decision is made.

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