Project Based Writing Grade 3

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This month's Teaching Tip comes from Project Based Writing Grade 3.

Differentiation in Education

As you know, there are many different kinds of learners out there in the classrooms. Some students like to write, others like to sing; some like to play sports, while others like to draw. A multi-genre approach allows students to choose ways to show off what they know and what they’ve learned about a topic, using the methods that are the most interesting to them. Just as importantly, it allows them to challenge themselves and present topics using methods that are not normally in their nature to attempt. So by requiring students to display their content knowledge in multiple ways, you are allowing them to operate within their comfort zones on the one hand, while also pushing them to more fully develop a technique that is challenging to them.

21st-Century Connection: Many students know what interests them, what kind of learner they are, and how they most like to display their knowledge. But it’s also very empowering for them to take quizzes that help them identify their natural instincts. With that in mind, consider having students take a test to identify the style in which they learn best. One such four-part quiz is available at The George Lucas Foundation’s website,

See the download for a complete breakdown of the different types of learners that you may have in your classroom.

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