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There's No "I" In Team!

A clever way to introduce cooperative procedures in your classroom is to do a cooperation activity during the first week of school. Follow the instructions below .

  1. Buy five precut puzzles.
  2. On each puzzle, write one word from the phrase "There' s No 'I' In Team!" or any other phrase.
  3. Break each puzzle up one at a time and put in a baggy .
  4. Divide the class into five groups and give each group a baggy . Do not tell them what the puzzle says or any other information. The mystery keeps it exciting.
  5. Once complete, students bring their completed puzzle to a table and then the class rearranges all five completed puzzles to make a complete phrase.
  6. Once the entire phrase is complete, have a class discussion on what the quote means and how they can enforce it throughout the year. This is a good time to develop cooperative group procedures to follow.
  7. Have some students glue the puzzles on a poster board and then have each student sign the board declaring his commitment to the phrase.

Tip: Instead of buying puzzles, create your own. Write one word on a piece of poster board. Sketch out puzzle pieces on the back. Cut out the puzzle, and it is ready.

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