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Activity Time Clean Up

Most students like to play more than they like to clean up! Children benefit from learning at an early age to take care of their rooms and the materials in them. Taking care of a classroom together helps build a sense of community. It is as important to stress caring for toys and materials as it is to stress sharing these items.


While singing this classroom cleaning transition, make your way around the room. Use your visual prompt like a wand and point out different things that need to be cleaned up or put away. For instance, when you ask "Can you show me where our things go?" touch something that needs to be put away. Look at a specific child while touching the item. This should signal them to put the item away. This transition allows the teacher to direct clean up time, while motivating the children to do the actual cleaning themselves--and take pride in their accomplishments.

Teacher Tip

Try acknowledging your children's efforts during clean-up time instead of after the work is done. Hearing special compliments will motivate the rest of the class to join in It might also allow you to reward a child who has difficulty staying on task and motivate him or her to continue improving.

Clean Up

It's time to clean up
It's time to clean up
It's time to clean up our room today.
Can you show me where our things go?
Can you show me how to put them away?

(Try singing to the tune for You Are My Sunshine.)

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