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March 2015 E-book Sampler

December 2010 E-book Sampler

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March 2, 2015- Read Across America Day

TCR540 The Cat in the Hat, Grades 1-3
Painting Seuss Style, Page 41

TCR3222 Daily Editing Practice, Grade 2
Daily Editing Practice: Green Eggs and Ham, Pages 34-35

TCR5033 Daily Warm-Ups: Nonfiction Reading, Grade 3
Dr. Seuss, Children's Author, Pages 138 &173

March 14, 2015-Pi Day

TCR2953 How to Calculate Measurements, Grades 5-6
Computing the Areas of Circles, Pages 16 & 47

TCR3731 Practice Makes Perfect: Word Problems, Grade 6
Geometry: Circumference, Pages 29 & 48

TCR2746 Mastering Sixth Grade Skills, Grade 6
Area of a Circle, Page 135 & 174

March 17, 2015-St. Patrick's Day

TCR3890 Reading, Language & Math Activities: Spring, Grades Pre-K-2
St. Patrick's Day Word Search, Pages 34 & 85

TCR2062 Instant Social Studies—Primary, Grades 1-3
St. Patrick's Day, Pages 36-38

TCR8237 Read, Write, Respond, Grades 4-6
St. Patrick's Day, Pages 83 & 203

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