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April 2015 E-book Sampler

December 2010 E-book Sampler

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April 13-President & Founding Father Thomas Jefferson's Birthday, 1743

TCR3260 U.S. History Little Books: Famous People, Grades K-3
Lewis and Clark, Pages 27-31

TCR3104 Thematic Unit-Our Country, Grades 3-5
The Great Seal, Pages 23 &79

TCR3234 Great Inventions and Inventors, Grades 5-8
Colonial Inventions and Inventors, Pages 7-10, 36 & 96

April 22, 2015-Earth Day

TCR9271 Down to Earth Geography, Grade 1
Resources from Earth, Pages 128-134 & 154

TCR169 Maps, Charts, Graphs, and Diagrams, Grades 3-4
Pictograph: Recycling Project, Page 56 & 80

TCR2547 Going Green, Grades 3-5
Carbon Footprints, Pages 27-31

April 23, 2015-Writer William Shakespeare's Birthday, 1564

TCR3826 Nonfiction Reading Comprehension, Grade 5
A Writer Who Lives On, Pages 30-31 & 48

TCR580 Thematic Unit-Renaissance, Grades 5-8
Shakespeare Survey, Pages 32-34 & 79

TCR3048 Mysteries in World History, Grades 5-8
The Fingerprints of Shakespeare, Pages 36-50

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