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December 2014 E-book Sampler

December 2010 E-book Sampler

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December 15-Bill of Rights Added to the Constitution, 1791

TCR3957 Mastering Second Grade Skills, Grade 2
Rights and Freedom, Pages 165 & 237

TCR8238 Read, Write, Respond, Grades 4-6
December 15-Congress Enacted Bill of Rights Day, Pages 177 & 207

TCR3211 Spotlight on America, Grades 4-8
The Bill of Rights (Simplified), Page 27

December 17-Wright Brothers Made the First Airplane Flight, 1903

TCR281 Thematic Unit—Flight, Grades 3-5
Voyager Flight & Related Activities, Pages 38-44

TCR3210 Spotlight on America, Grades 4-8
The Wright Brothers Prepare to Fly, Pages 10-13, 22, 48

TCR3997 U.S. History Readers' Theater, Grades 5-8
Reader's Theater: First Flight, Pages 64-70

December 25-Christmas

TCR259 Thematic Unit—Christmas, Grades K-2
Christmas Tree Math, Page 9

TCR093 Holiday Graph Art, Grades 2-6
Mystery Picture #10: Christmas Tree, Pages 22-23, 48

TCR3351 Holiday Brain Teasers—Intermediate, Grades 3-6
Santa's Christmas Route, Pages 24-25 & 47