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April 2014 E-book Sampler

December 2010 E-book Sampler

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April 9, 2014 Civil War Ended, 1865

TCR3214 Civil War, Grades 4-8
Civil War Vocabulary, Pages 43 & 79

TCR290 Thematic Unit-Civil War, Grades 5-8
Famous People Portrait, Pages 65-66

TCR3641 Take Five Minutes: American History, Grades 5-8
The Civil War: Home Front, Pages 68-69, 161, 165, 168, 170

April 20, 2014 Easter

TCR261 Thematic Unit-Easter and St. Patrick's Day, Grades K-2
Easter Bunny Trail Puzzle, Page 38

TCR2007 Math Explorations, Grades 1-3
Easter Eggs Real Graph, Pages 118-120

TCR3351 Holiday Brain Teasers—Intermediate, Grades 3-5
Easter Traditions, Pages 33-34, 47

April 22, 2014 Earth Day

TCR615 Multicultural Holidays, Grades 3-6
Earth Day, Pages 196, 200, 302

TCR2546 Going Green, Grades 1-2
On the Way to Recycling, Pages 76-80

TCR286 Thematic Unit-Ecology, Grades 3-5
Daily Writing Activities: Recycle It!, Pages 52-54