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July 2014 E-book Sampler

December 2010 E-book Sampler

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July 13, 2014: International Puzzle Day

TCR3906 Practice Makes Perfect: Math Picture Puzzles, Grades K- 1
Addition & Subtraction: At the Barn Puzzle, Pages 34 & 47

TCR2549 Seasonal Sudoku, Grades 2-3
Butterfly Sudoku, Pages 3-4, 39, 62

TCR3143 Fun with Homonyms, Grades 4-8
This Day in July Homonym Puzzles, Pages 21-23, 44

July 20, 1969: Astronaut, Neil Armstrong Walked on the Moon

TCR3076 Moon Landing, Grades 1-3
Moon Landing, Pages 40-42

TCR3030 Nonfiction & Fiction Reading, Grade 3
Nonfiction: Life in Space, pages 30-31, 48

TCR2028 The Sixties, Grades 4-8
Neil Armstrong: One Small Step, Page 48

July 30, 2014: International Friendship Day

TCR274 Thematic Unit-Friendship, Grades 1-2
I am a Friend Mobile, Pages 38-40

TCR2004 Activities for Any Literature Unit-Intermediate, Grades 3-5
Evaluation: Friendship, Page 76

TCR342 Connecting Math and Literature, Grades 118-120, 144
Frog and Toad are Friends, Pages 118-120, 144