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May 2015 E-book Sampler

December 2010 E-book Sampler

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May 2015 E-Book

April 5-Cinco De Mayo

TCR2058 Celebrate the Holidays! Grades 1-3
Cinco de Mayo, Pages 50-53

TCR3093 Mexico, Grades 2-4
Cinco de Mayo, Page 102

TCR615 Multicultural Holidays, Grades 3-6
Cinco de Mayo, the Fifth of May Mexican Victory,
Pages 205-206 & 302

May 12-Limerick Day

TCR3273 Poetry Writing, Grades 2-3 Poetry Writing, Pages 26 & 27

TCR2992 Poetry Writing, Grades 3-5 Limerick, Pages 19-26

TCR8072-Write from the Start, Grade 4 Writing Humorous Verse, Pages 20-25 & 75

May 25-Memorial Day

TCR2058 Celebrate the Holidays! Grades 1-3
Honoring Our Flag, Page 63

TCR615 Multicultural Holidays, Grades 3-5
Memorial Day, Pages 215-216

TCR8237 Read, Write, Respond Using Historic Events: January-June, Grades 4-6 Memorial Day First Observed, Pages 159 & 207

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