Available for Grades 1 to 6:
Nonfiction Reading Grade 1 Nonfiction Reading Grade 2 Nonfiction Reading Grade 3

Nonfiction Reading Grade 4 Nonfiction Reading Grade 5 Nonfiction Reading Grade 6

Nonfiction Reading Grade 4 Nonfiction Reading Grade 5  
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Class Responder allows you to interact in real time with every student in class using smartphones, tablets, or personal computers.

Teachers can assign lessons through Class Responder and students will automatically see the assignment and respond with their answers. You can review each student’s individual responses as well as comparing responses on a class level in order to measure understanding.

Students can easily access the activities you assign in two ways. On an iPad, they can download the free Student Version of the Class Responder app available in the iTunes store. They can also log in to the student web page using any web-enabled device at http://www.classresponder.com/.

  • Conduct on-the-spot polling with real time results.
  • Create your own activities and quizzes. Quizzes can be multiple choice, true/false, or open- ended.
  • Assign lessons as classwork or homework.
  • Choose whether you want an activity to be self-paced or teacher-paced. Perfect for individual, small group, or whole class instruction.
  • Provide immediate feedback to students.
  • View and email results of completed assignments by question, by activity, and by individual student.

Class Responder also includes free lessons for Grades 1-6. Purchase additional activities and quizzes from our library of standard based apps.

Use on any web enabled device.

Available for grades Pre-K to Grade 3:
Ready-Set-Learn Pre-K Ready-Set-Learn Grade Kindergarten Ready-Set-Learn Grade Grade 1

Ready-Set-Learn Grade Grade 2 Ready-Set-Learn Grade Grade 3
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The Ready-Set-Learn apps are available for pre-kindergarten through grade 3. In the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten apps, children practice fundamental skills such as determining patterns and opposites and identifying colors, shapes, and sounds. In grades 1–3, children develop basic math and reading skills, including identifying sight words, recognizing figurative language, estimating, telling time, and finding missing numbers. All grades include activities such as matching, sorting, multiple choice, dot-to-dots, and hidden pictures.

Bubble School
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Develop basic pre-reading and number recognition skills with this learning game created by teachers. Children are prompted through audio cues to look for letters, number, shapes, and colors in this undersea game that will help them master fundamental learning skills.

The audio prompt will tell you what to find and you tap the correct bubble before the fish swims away! The game tracks the players’ top 5 scores to provide additional motivation.

Writing Prompts for Kids
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Boost students' creative writing skills with writing prompts that will spark their imaginations. This writing prompt generator is quick and easy to use; your students will have an inspiring writing topic in seconds. Just tap the screen to pick a situation, a character, a setting, and an object.

  • Differentiate lessons by using one or more prompt categories.
  • Generate millions of unique combinations.
  • Use for whole class, small group, or individual writing assignments.

Bonus features:

  • Better Word - Enhances writing and vocabulary skills by offering dynamic alternatives to overused words.
  • Hard to Spell Words - Provides the proper spelling of over 100 commonly misspelled words.
  • Favorites - Save and name your favorites for an easy way to keep track of assigned prompts.

Available for grades:
Math Word Problems Grade 1 Math Word Problems Grade 2 Math Word Problems Grade 3

Math Word Problems Grade 4 Math Word Problems Grade 5 Math Word Problems Grade 6
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Practice grade specific math skills with “manipulatives” that can be used as visual clues to solve problems. Select from multiple operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, probability, logic, and more. Multiple choice questions test your solution and provide feedback.

Includes pencil tool for grouping and showing work. Highlighter tool can be used to emphasize the key terms in each problem. Problems are grade level appropriate and based on Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning Standards (McREL).

Perfect for using with an iPad or Android tablet connected to an interactive whiteboard.

Concepts included in this series include:

  • Addition
  • Counting
  • Data Analysis
  • Division
  • Functions/Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Logic
  • Mixed Practice
  • Multiplication
  • Patterns
  • Probability
  • Ratios
  • Subtraction
  • Telling Time

Available for grades:
Daily Sentence Editing Grade 1 Daily Sentence Editing Grade 2 Daily Sentence Editing Grade 3

Daily Sentence Editing Grade 4 Daily Sentence Editing Grade 5 Daily Sentence Editing Grade 6
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Developed by teachers, Daily Sentence Editing reinforces important skills in grammar, usage, mechanics, and spelling.

The program includes 270 sentences to be edited (180 for Grades 1 and 2). The standards-based activities are fun for students. They can click to see where the errors are without revealing the corrections. Or, they can click to see the correct answers.

Use with your iPad connected to an interactive whiteboard for whole group instruction or on single devices for individuals working at their own pace.

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