Mysteries in History: Ancient History [Enhanced E-book]

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Challenge students to explore several important unexplained events that helped shape history. Students use primary source materials, posters, and simulations to find clues and to make informed decisions about these events. There are no "right" or "wrong" answers. These real-life mysteries encourage students to research, think, debate, and form conclusions.

  • Who invented the alphabet?
  • Is the lost city of Atlantis a legend?
  • Was there really a Trojan horse?
  • Was King Tut murdered?
  • Who built Stonehenge?
  • What's the secret behind China's Terra Cotta Army?
  • Did King Arthur really exist?
  • What do Peru's Nazca lines mean?
  • Why were the statues on Easter Island built?
  • How did the Iceman really die?

The activities target standards in these areas:
  • relationships and patterns in history
  • historical perspective
  • map skills
  • development of civilizations
  • presentation skills

ISBN: 9781420624151


Mysteries in History: Ancient History

Reviewed By: Debbie (Tasmania, Australia)
Examining mysteries in history is part of the new Australian Curriculum for History for Grade 7s (13 year olds) so this book really appealed to me as it already included mysteries I had planned to investigate.
Each chapter in this book has an outline for group activities and provides easy to read background information on a variety of mysteries. There are a number of writing templates to use. I would use these templates for students that struggle to organise their information and thinking. For more capable students, I would use the ideas, information, questions and cards and let them investigate the mysteries independently.
This resource will save me time! I will not have to search for images and information about each mystery. It is all in the book! I would recommend this book to other educators of students aged between 10 and 14.

Reviewed: 05/05/2013

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