Los continentes del mundo Lap Book

  • Grades: Preschool - Kindergarten
  • 12 pages
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Sing along with Dr. Jean and Dr. Holly to learn about the continents and keeping the world green.


Not grammatically correct

Reviewed By: Molly
I am not certain if these books are meant to teach native Spanish speakers literacy in their native language or if they are meant to be used to teach English or other language speakers Spanish. Either way, ALL of the little Spanish books have translation or grammar errors.

For example, in Spanish, only the first word in a title is capitalized (unless it is a proper noun). This book title should read Los continentes del mundo. I love having Spanish in the classroom. That said, I would never use a product that has poor use of the target/model language. I wouldn't do it in Spanish. I wouldn't do it in English. It teaches the students errors that they go on to duplicate until someone corrects them and has to re-teach the concept. It just isn't fair to the students.

I love the idea of these books. But I will not buy more until the basic and highly visible mistakes are corrected. They are expensive. I would be wiling to pay the price if they were translated well and employed proper grammar. I just can't see spending so much $ on a product that teaches mistakes IN EVERY BOOK.

Reviewed: 01/27/2013

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