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September 2017 E-book Sampler

E-book Sampler


September 6: Read a Book Day

  • TCR3138 101 Ways to Love a Book, Grades K–6
    Character Report Card, Pages 21
  • TCR2487 How to Make a Book Report, Grades 6–8
    Writing a Standard Book Report, Pages 16–18

September 15: International Dot Day

  • TCR8105 Numbers to 10 Adding Subtracting, Grades PreK–K
    Joining the Dots: 1–10, Page 48–49
  • TCR8990 Targeting Math: Operations and Number Patterns, Grades 1–2<
    Dot & Line Patterning, Page 103
  • TCR460 Thematic Unit—Quilts, Grades 3–5
    Quilt Connect-the-Dots, Pages 46–47

September 22: Autumn Starts

  • TCR3200 Arts, Crafts and More, Grades PreK–3
    Autumn Centerpieces and Attention Getters, Page 68,81
  • TCR3198 Art for All Seasons, Grades 1–5
    Autumn Collage, Pages 9

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