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September 2016 E-book Sampler

December 2010 E-book Sampler

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September 5: Labor Day

  • TCR8238 Read-Write-Respond (July-Dec), Grades 4-8
    First Labor Day, Pages 73, 199
  • TCR3033 Celebrating Holidays, Grades 1-2
    Jobs You See Every Day, Pages 83,84
  • TCR3178 Celebrating Holidays, Grades 3-4
    Jobs of the Future, Pages 81,82

September 17: Constitution Day

  • TCR3258 U.S History Little Books: Famous Events, Grades K-3
    The Making of the Constitution, Pages 17-21
  • TCR3211 Spotlight on America, Grades 4-8
    Constitutional Convention Readers Theater, Pages 55-57

September 21: International Day of Peace

  • TCR3599 Patriotic Songs & Symbols, Gr. 1-3
    Make a Peace Windsock, Page 37

September 22: First Day of Fall

  • TCR2470 Thematic Activities & Patterns for the Early Childhood Classroom, Grade K-1
    Autumn Colors, Page 32
  • TCR3198 Art for All Seasons, Grades 1-5
    Autumn Collage, Page 9

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