I had to let you know how much I love your Spotlight on America series! I homeschool my children and we picked up "Colonial America" while in Williamsburg last year. The kids LOVE the format, I love the teaching tips and booklists--we have bought most of the series and have planned out history studies around them:) THANKS!
—Sami Brokus, MD

Thank you for providing such great teaching materials for reasonable costs.
—Cassandra Austin

What a great idea [about e-books]. The whole process was easy and amazingly fast. Thank you.
—Cheryl Stansberry

I absolutely LOVE your How To books. As a multi-grade educator often working remedial education with small groups, [these books] are wonderful! Thank you. Also LOVE accessing your books through E-BOOKS the best!
—Sol Concepcion

I needed a classroom guide for Sign of the Beaver right now in class and I got it right now--I LOVE IT! What could be easier than that? Thank you so much!
—Mary McGalloway

Thanks so much for the ease of ordering an e-book--I had never done that until this morning. I ordered Using Picture Books in Middle School and am thrilled with being able to immediately get it and then to see what valuable info is in the book!!! You have made my day!!!
—Darlene Wheaton

Thanks for the good e-books. I am a full-time special education and speech therapist who works as a sub-contractor, so this makes it easier to find and order materials.
—Diana Whitley-Janowski

Your books are the BEST resources we have found to assist in technology integration. We plan to show your books at all of our August workshops and to encourage teachers to purchase them as technology resources.
—Jane Binford

I have an 18 year old son who is autistic. I ran across one of your reading comprehension books at a local store, and just loved it! I have spent a lot of money on different workbooks and have not been satisfied with them, but this one is GREAT! I just ordered more. It is the first reading comprehension book that actually stresses drawing inferences. It is practical and a pleasure to use. Thank you!!
—Judy Phelps

I did not know you can purchase the book in the form of an ebook. This is so cool as a teacher. I needed the guide soon and I thought I would have to wait days for it. I already have so much stuff in my classroom having the book as an ebook instead of adding another item in my classroom is wonderful. Love it and I love your site.
—Lesa Warrick-Thomas

I absolutely adore e-books! The books are downloaded within seconds which is sure quicker than a trip into the city!
—Christelle Edel

Your easy shopping, payment and retrieval of ebooks is outstanding. I will definitely be returning to your site to buy more ebooks in the future.
—Melissa Sinclair

I am pleased with the e-book service... a super plus... you will be getting more of my business.
—Russell Hinson

Thank you for the ease with which we can order. You make it very simple and I appreciate that!
—Ann-Marie Biden

Thank you for making your teacher books available as e-books for immediate download. Living in Anchorage, Alaska, there is no "teacher store" and the only educational resource we have for quick curriculum needs is Wal-Mart! SO, THANK YOU!
—Kaiya Kaltenborn

Thank you for providing us the best of the best materials for kids!

"Wow! [Downloading the e-book] was so easy and so fast! I can get started on my unit now! Thanks!"

I wanted to praise you for your great inspirational line. Your company does a wonderful job in reference to inspirational products. I sincerely hope your company keeps making the inspirational line. Your company does an excellent job. Thanks for all you do.
—Amy Parker

As a classroom teacher for almost 15 years, I have loved your products and resources for a long time. Now that I've decided to home school my own children, I am very thankful that you offer parents the ability to purchase directly from your website. My children will love reading some amazing novels with your activity guides to help enrich the experience!
—Kerry Millikan

I love your e-books. They have come in real handy especially because I am able to work with them at home or at work. The best part is I do not have to carry around books.
—JoAnne Moulder

Thanks for getting back to me so promptly. That means a lot to a customer! I really appreciate it.
—Jennifer Sykes

This is a great site! It was so easy to find, download and start using your great products. I downloaded some ebooks last night and the kids used some of the material today and loved it. The PDF format makes it easy to print, and the graphics/style of the ebooks are excellent. Thank you!
—Michelle Bueno

I do several read alouds in my classroom each year and I use the lit units that go with each. I love the ideas each of the units offers and appreciate the time that went into putting them together. I love the fact that I can purchase the units electronically! Thank you.
—Michelle Braxton

Thank you for providing the e-book option. It is so much more convenient for me to print the pages I need than to make a trip to the copier. Thanks!
—Patricia Vynanek

Thank you very much! You guys have excellent customer service and products! I will be back!
—Lori Holcomb

The free e books are great. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!! They come in very handy for quick lessons on a variety of topics.
—Michelle Greco

Thanks so much for providing the electronic option for many of your items. I love getting the item immediately and being able to put it into the classroom the next day. The sample pages are also helpful especially the table of contents. This helps me make a more informed decision. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!
—Lee Lundblad

I LOVE your products! I have purchased some books as well as getting a great deal of use out of the free ebooks. I also love the free lessons, quick links, and weekly freebies. Keep up the good work!!!
—Lisa Depratt

I just LOVE E Books! They are so convenient and immediate, obviously. However, the "green" aspect is also a real plus. Besides, who wants to lug around all those books? How much easier to click and find? Thanks and keep them coming. The quality is great.
—Karen Rende

I love the fact that most of your products are available as e-books. Cuts down on having to find a place to store the books
—Kendall A. Childs

I was so excited to see that you have ebooks. This will really help me to stay more organized and doesn't take any additional space on my shelf. Great idea!
—Elizabeth Morales

This was my first visit to Teacher Created Resources. What a wonderful and stress-free visit. The site was user friendly and downloading the eBooks was simple. For one that can be computer challenged--what a painless experience. Thank You.
—Brenda Lane

I purchased and downloaded the Laugh & Learn Grammar from your website and have been using it daily as a "fun break" for a 7th and 10th grader. This week I needed to reinforce our regular grammar subject for tests and eliminated the Laugh & Learn worksheets to compensate. These two boys were so disappointed!! They really enjoy the worksheets and what a great learning tool!! Grammar is a subject we struggle with at times, especially boys I think, and for them to be so disappointed that we were not doing the Laugh & Learn Grammar this week speaks volumes!! Thanks for such a great product and so engaging for any age group. KUDOS!! to you all for such great products...
—Kathy Loving

Thank you TCR for being a last minute life saver once again! I needed two quick Literature Guides for next week and you had both of them, what a time saver! I love your site, it's fantastic!
—Mary McGalloway

Dear Customer Service,

I called yesterday afternoon to place a very small order, and must have said how anxious I was to receive the workbook. Why? Because today, within 24 hours of placing the order, my UPS driver showed up with the ordered items!

I just wanted to say thank you for having wonderful teaching materials, and more importantly, for being SO professional, SO dependable, and SO easy to recommend.

Thank YOU !!!

Wow, this was so convenient!  Usually I buy hard-cover books, then have to go through the time-consuming pain of scanning them myself into PDF. The quality is also a large file, and not as good as the authentic original from the publisher of course. I am so pleased to be able to purchase books in PDF format... since I use these on a laptop projector and the hard-cover doesn't work for that.


Thanks, these e-books are a fantastic idea!
—Amber Dawkins

Dear TCR,

I'm a teacher with limited resources. I have a multilevel international classroom and many ESL students. Your teacher created resources have made my life so much easier. I finally found something on the internet that is useful, creative, reliable and affordable. My endless hours of surfing the internet looking for ideas are over. I can find almost everything I need on your website. Thanks so much!!

—Monica, 4th and 5th grade teacher

I just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed your lessons. My daughter never had any interest in history, until we tried Mysteries in American History. I have never seen her so excited over history! She was even looking up more information on the computer. Thanks!

Just wanted to say that I compared TCR with a few other websites/ed materials and guess who I stayed with once again? You all are just wonderful and I thank you for the materials from you that I have used in 15 yrs of teaching. As always, thanks for your great sources and customer service:) Sincerely,

Thanks, I love all that you have created at a great price. Hopefully in the future I will come and purchase again.

I was so excited to find this software... Thank you for creating the materials we teachers need!
—Martha F.

Thank you so much! I love your freebies, and I especially love your products! I'm a big fan. Thanks for publishing quality educational materials at affordable prices!
—Amy Temple

I ordered an e-book for the first time and I love it! What a cool thing. Thank you for offering it! I didn't have to pay for shipping and handling and I received it immediately. I will use this feature in the future!
—Becky Sager

Wow! ClassroomZoom is amazing. I love being able to find exciting lessons, make math worksheets, and generate spelling practice activities all in one place. It's so convienent and fun!
—Megan Jensen

I'm recommending this website to everyone at my school. It's a great resource!
—Julie Peterson

Very cool! ClassroomZoom saves me so much time! Thanks!
—Corinne Briers

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your products. The ebooks are great and easy to download for instant use. Thank you.
—Kathy Cary

This is my first time ordering from your company. I was delighted to see materials I can actually use in my classroom and at a reasonable price. Just by previewing the materials, I am sure I will have a more rewarding school year.
—Daphenia Washington

I have tried to order from several other companies that carry classroom products, with much confusion. Your website is by far the easiest to use. This is the first time I have ordered from this company, but I am sure It will NOT be the last. Thank you!
—Lora Higginbotham

Thank you sooooo much for this [e-book] option!!!!! I'll most definitely use it again!!!!

You and your company are truly awesome! No other way to put it! You WILL ABSOLUTELY be getting more business from [me]! THANK YOU!!!!!

Thank you for providing materials for special events such as the Olympics. This will be my 3rd time using them and I am never disappointed.
—Joni Martindale

I received a Teacher Created Resources catalog today and found a book I thought I'd purchase online. I was thrilled to see that you offer ebooks! I bought and downloaded one, loved it so much, I bought 3 others. I am so glad I found the time tonight to check out your catalog! Thanks!
—Debra Cook

I love this site. Great things for teachers and I don't have to break the bank to get good items.
—Keosha Newton

I love this [e-book] format - so much less fuss and unneeded expense. Thanks.
—Heni Lindberg

Travel Through: China is geared towards the elementary aged child but could easily be read aloud or used as a picture book for younger children. Beautiful photographs make you feel as if you are right there [in China]. The layout of the pages is very visually appealing with just enough information included that it will not overwhelm children with focusing problems. Also, the font size is large and in a style that is kid friendly.

The book covers many topics such as geography, culture, animals, environment, exports, and much more. In addition to facts included on many of the pages, there are also pretend journal entries and emails from a child that lives in China. This helps to make it more realistic for children and feel as if they are there experiencing it themselves. There is a list of twenty activities at the end of the book to extend the learning of many of the different topics covered.

Editor in Chief
Eclectic Homeschool Online
—Beverly Krueger

Animal Lives: Dolphins and Porpoises is geared towards the elementary aged child but could easily be read aloud or used as a picture book for younger children, making it a great book for families with children of different ages.

Wonderful photographs are included throughout the book. [Also,] the layout of the pages is very visually appealing with just enough information included that it will not overwhelm children with focusing problems.

Children will learn about the life cycle of dolphins and porpoises, how they grow and learn, where they can be found, and threats to these species. In addition, Animal Lives: Dolphins and Porpoises is packed with little facts that will teach many more interesting things about dolphins and porpoises. This is one of those books that is a great resource when doing a unit study or just to pull off the shelf and read.
Editor in Chief
Eclectic Homeschool Online
—Beverly Krueger

Thank you! We run a school for low income children in rural Cambodia. Your ebooks have been such a help! It takes us months to get paper books through the mail and with your ebooks we have them in minutes. Keep up the good work!
—Lisa, from Jay Pritzker Academy

Thank you so much. The geometry book is fantastic. Your materials seem to get better every year. And thank you so much for the terrific service. You folks are awesome.
—Dianne Delaney

Year-Round Themes, Going Places is an invaluable resource for both new and experienced teachers. This book was obviously designed by someone who has a deep understanding of the best methods for educating young children. Teachers will love how complete and well-organized the material is, children will love learning through engaging hands-on activities, and administrators will appreciate the attention given to standards and benchmarks. The CD-Rom is a wonderful bonus. A good investment.
—Barbara Long, Front Street UMC Playschool

Thank you so much for the monthly calendars. The third grade crew love them. We use them for cross curriculum activities. The kids love to do research and present their information.
—Louise Blake, Third Grade Teacher

I am a first time purchaser, and am thrilled with the selection, type of resources, and pricing for your products. Thank you for an easy to navigate website, as well as an excellent catalog. You have gained a loyal customer. After placing my order with your company, I am excited to receive the items and start the school year. Thanks so much for what you do!

I love your products! I also greatly appreciate your free monthly e-books and how easy you have made them to download this year. Thank you for your great customer appreciation and service!
—Sarah Van Dyken

Learning how to edit one's writing is difficult for second grade students but this book [Daily Sentence Editing] helped my students focus on the necessary skills to edit writing effectively. This was evident in their end of the year writing samples.
—2011 Teachers Choice Award Committee Member

I would recommend this book [Daily Sentence Editing] to other second grade teachers because it helps students really practice their editing skills and can be used on the smart board easily. It would be a great reference book for the teacher resource section of the media center.
—2011 Teachers Choice Award Committee Member

I just had to take the time to write this e-mail and say THANK YOU!

I ordered your series on Building Writing Skills (Words to Sentences/Sentences to Paragraphs/Paragraphs to Stories/Paragraphs to Essays). They are fantastic! In fact, I can honestly say that I got more ideas to use in a classroom from these books than I have spending over 15 years sitting in courses of staff development!

Thank you once again for publishing actual books that include clear, motivating, ready-to-use lessons for teachers to use in the classroom!
—Mr. B.

I have reviewed your programs Daily Sentence Editing and find them to be an outstanding series. They are so simple and clear in their presentation and yet offer such a wide range of educational learning tools. I am truly impressed.
—--Joan Tanenhaus, Closing The Gap

I am thrilled with the material I purchased from your site (Literacy Activities in Science and U.S. History Little Books Famous Events). First, it was so helpful to be able to preview these items on your website. That saved me from ordering something inappropriate for my child's skill level. The books of full of facts written in an easy to read and concise manner. Plus, the hands on activities that accompany each unit make the learning so much more enjoyable and I believe my son will retain more of the info. because he has something tangible to go along with the reading. The bonus---now I'm the smartest mom on the block!!
—Karen Rupert

What a wonderful book [Computer Activities Through the Year]! I look forward to browsing through all the other Computer books that you offer.

I love Teacher Created Resources! I wonder if your customers realize how easy it is to use the computer and download a book? It is a great set-up for my situation as a tutor.
—Dianne Funkhouser

TCR is a resource I refer to constantly when I need a textbook for anything, but especially the literature units. I trust the compilation of materials, having used them for several years. Thank you for your great service to teachers! It saves me valuable time! Sincerely,
—Diedra Barrett

Thank you for the free April Sampler E-book! I appreciate it and will certainly use the ideas, especially regarding the poetry section. Sincerely,
—Diedra Barrett

I would like to THANK YOU for the opportunity to link my Teacher Created Resource to my ClassroomZoom account and receive free shipping on orders over $10.00! I just discovered your offer and I'm very grateful for it! TCR and ClassroomZoom are the best - great teaching materials, LOVE the interactive component of Zoom, and free shipping offer - yes, just the best! Thank you!

I want to share how much I love your hot air balloons materials! They are colorful and cheerful without being overwhelming. I have purchased almost every item, and multiples of some things, and I can see myself using this theme for years to come. I like the way your team has worked to put detail into the hot air balloons - they are not too childish for upper elementary students and beyond. Thanks for creating this line.
—Joy Brogan, 3rd grade teacher

You are awesome (TCR AND you personally!!!). Thank you for understanding...this is probably the third time I've asked to reactivate the downloads, all for similar reasons -- and each time TCR has been very gracious about it. Thank you again for making my life easier!!!
—JoAnn Hammer

Just wanted to let you know your ordering process is awesome. It took me less than two minutes to order the item I needed. Thank you so much for having an easy, workable website.
—Bev Vinopal

I think that Common Core Checklists are awesome. Thank you for providing this as a free resource! It will definitely be used.
—Nikita G.

Very useful and helpful resources!
—Everlene J.

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