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Chinese New Year Activity: Message of Good Fortune

Chinese New Year Activity Teacher Created Resources

Celebrate multicultural holidays in your classroom! Chinese New Year is an important holiday. It honors household gods and ancestors. The holiday is also known as Spring Festival. This activity will introduce students to the traditions of Chinese New Year. Read a Chinese New Year passage about the history and traditions of the holiday. Then follow … Continue reading Chinese New Year Activity: Message of Good Fortune »

Mitten Match Vocabulary Activity

This mitten match vocabulary activity is a great winter-themed lesson that will help students identify vocabulary words and will teach them about pairing opposites.¬† This activity is based on The Mitten by Jan Brett. ¬†Materials Needed: Mitten Accents Glitter Clothespins Lime Chevron Border Trim Marker Vocabulary Word List List 1 Glinty Quickly Warm Drowsy Plump … Continue reading Mitten Match Vocabulary Activity »