5 Reasons Why I Don’t Write My Book

Do you have the world’s next best lesson plan?  You know who you are.  You’re the teacher who has led staff development using your own materials.  You’re the teacher whose students have soared because you have a unique way of presenting lessons.  You’re the teacher who everyone in your building says, “Why don’t you get that published?”

And have you tried to get published?  I don’t know about other publishers, but at TCR we look at everything that is sent in.  Our products come from the most creative teachers.  Sometimes teachers send us the most organized manuscripts.  Sometimes they send very specific ideas, but don’t have a clue of how to put it together to create a book.  They send in math, science, reading, writing, classroom management, and every other idea you can imagine.  It is one of the greatest joys to read through those submissions and find a gem.  Sometimes it’s a real diamond in the rough.  In either case, once the editing process is completed, we have a terrific “teacher created resource.”

So what’s stopping you from sending in your book proposal?  Here are some of the things I’ve heard through the years and my responses to them:

1. You have the idea but you’re not sure of the best way to present it.

That’s easy. Look at our submission guidelines. If you already have the book “done,” you can even send the whole thing.


2. There’s more than one of us involved in this project.

That’s fine.  We often work with writing partners.

3.  I have an idea but I don’t have time to write until the summer or spring break.

We work with teachers and know teachers are really busy people.  When we accept someone’s manuscript, we work around his or her schedule.

4. This book will need illustrating but I’m not an artist.

I’m not either, but we have some wonderfully talented illustrators.  We want your ideas, but we’ll take care of the art.

5. I’m afraid I’ll get a “no” for an answer.

In all honesty, that’s a possibility, but you’ll never know if you don’t try submitting something.

These are just a few reasons that I’ve heard through the year for not sending in book proposals.  I know there are more.  Let me know what they are, and I’ll address them. Maybe that will get you moving to send in a book proposal.  Then who knows, you may see your name in print.

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