Kid Tested, Teacher and Parent Approved

As a former teacher and as a mother of an energetic preschooler, I am always looking for new learning products that will excite and entertain my son.  Some of my favorites are the workbooks from the Ready-Set-Learn series.  I really think that these books are must-haves for parents of young children. There are so many titles to choose from that cover several different skills.  So far for my 4-year-old, I have bought Preschool Activities, Preschool Fun, Alphabet, and Beginning Math.  We skip around and work on pages out of each of them in random order.  Jack likes choosing the pages.  Each workbook comes with 180 stickers and a reward chart to track progress.
After completing each page, Jack loves to put one sticker on the finished page and one on the racetrack reward chart, and then he can’t wait to start on his next page.  He is getting so much practice with academic skills all while loving every minute of it.  It makes mommy so happy, too!  I always keep one book in the car and one at Grandma’s house.  I love taking them with us to restaurants because they keep him seated, quiet, and engaged—and it always impresses those waiting on our table!  I also buy them for other kids as birthday presents.  They’re only $2.99 each, so I can’t pass up the great deal.

Here are some sample pages from Ready-Set-Learn: Preschool Activities and Ready-Set-Learn: Beginning Math PreK-K

4 thoughts on “Kid Tested, Teacher and Parent Approved”

  1. Rima Haroun

    Both of my children have become avid readers as a result of this program. Rewarding themselves with stickers really helps and they want to continue learning so they can get more stickers. It really impresses the kindergarten teacher when your child starts school already knowing how to read!

  2. Sue

    We love these book! My son enjoys completing pages and placing his reward stickers on the race page in the front of the book. He is never bored with them because they offer many different types of activities. These are a wonderful tool for him to learn and enjoy it along the way. Thank you for such simple and fun way to learn.

  3. MJ

    Thanks for asking Deb,
    The workbooks in the Ready-Set-Learn series range from preschool level to grade 3, each one having developmentally appropriate activities. The workbook pages that I have worked on with my son have several developmentally appropriate activities such as letter matching and writing, counting objects, and basic addition. Yes, coloring is a big part of many activity pages for the preschool age level because little kids love to color!
    I added some sample pages to the end of my blog post so that you could check out examples of developmentally appropriate activities.

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